Rest of Storm18 needs?


Jan 2, 2016
Sorry if posted elsewhere, but what are the rest of our 2018 class needs? We have 18 commits now. Assuming they stick and we get Campbell and Blades, that will put us at 20. So does that leave us five spots for a few LBs, OL, and another DT? Who are the top targets for those remaining spots?
25-27 is the absolute most we'll see in this class. More than likely 24
Big studs on the O-Line, If not them, then Reece and Sherwood. I think both of them are going to be ballers.
Reese has been pretty quiet. I read Dugans is his uncle, so I assume we have a good shot at him, and Pete mentioned we have a good shot at Sherwood. I guess we might hear more on them and OL and NT interest at Paradise Camp? That Camp time frame is being held to vest pretty well. Heard Richt on QAM saying he didn't want to release it as they only want studs to attend.
I've seen multiple people mention a 1-tech DT as a primary remaining need. But, IMO, that's what Silvera is. We definitely need 1-2 more DTs in this class, but I'm not so sure it absolutely needs to be a 1-tech (even though if we bring in 2 more DTs, I can see one more fitting that mold)
I honestly think we lose some commitments that we have (like every cycle) also.

Lol.... you mean dropped

-14 decommitments in 2017
-10 got dropped by richt
-1 committed back in nkosi perry
-Only lost 3 of the 14 that we wanted( Henderson, Edwards, mckitty) don't really matter considering the fact that we got much better players at their position in the 2018 class
-only lost 1 blue chip player(cj Henderson)
Main Targets remaining per position
WR - Marshall, Williams, Austin, Moore, Schwartz

OL - Barnes, Montilus(G/C), Faalele, Petit-Frere, Gouraige, Campbell, Ruth, Jenkins(G)

DE - Parsons, Oladele, Perkins, Hardy, Carson

DT - Thompson, Trout, Coburn, Friday, Sandidge, Davis, Briggs

OLB - Joyner, Walker, Reese, Pierre

MLB - Louis, Georges

CB - Surtain, Campbell, Blades, Garner

S - Johnson, Sherwood, Jonas, Worship

I'm sure there will be more targets to come out for the 2018 class this summer but these are the guys with the main focus of the staff right now.
With the potential turnover at DT after this year, I think we need 2 more in addition to Nesta.

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1 or 2 WR
2 OL
1 or 2 DE
2 DT
2 LB
3 DB

I would make it 2 DBs. Otherwise, this looks right to me. Which means the total class will be 30 or more.

Am I right that we have 76 kids on scholarship today? If so ... we have 9 seniors, and roughly 3 juniors will leave early (Walton and 2 DL), so we would start with 21 spots available. Finding 9+ on this roster is hard but not impossible, and a good chunk of that will come from natural attrition, like what happened with Allison and Odogwu, when players get leapfrogged on the depth chart.