Recruiting Staff Changes

I would agree with him here. Too many key players we seem to had/have to play catch up with locally since he has been here. Pretty sure he expected SO FL to be more locked down by now. Seems also he has made way more progress elsewhere in the state
It's not a good look when local kids are getting UGA offers before they get Miami offers. (or before Miami even knows who they are)

Mario wants more "boots on the ground".
I legit wonder if they gave Frank a gig because they couldnt keep him quiet lol sounds like he did not have much school access but he is super plugged in to the recruits so he likely gets a lot of his info from them and didnt need to rely on the school for info. He had a job to do and even if he did it at the cost of some Cane surprise visits (Hill the LB from TX comes to mind) perhaps the way to plug that is throw him on staff. IDK but def seems like he was always the odd main out when posting stuff that seemingly we did not want out there.
He's got plenty of Miami access. He's actually the main reason some of these younger kids have gotten Miami offers. That's the issue. He's aware of these studs before anybody at Miami is. That's why Mario wants him aboard.