2024 OL/DL Eddy Pierre-louis as a Miami Recruit

Need this monsters

But you’re right though 😬
Looks like we're getting an in-season OV
During the conversation, Pierre-Louis admitted that Miami was in prime contention for an official visit. “Definitely,” he stated.
He also stated, however, that he’s likely to take his official visit to Miami during the 2023 season. That’s the same with Florida, another program he’s definitely interested in.

It seems like we may have this kid on the back burner...I would take him in a heartbeat but it seems like he may be behind others.
This kid should be priority. They know more than I do, but to me? This is exactly the guard they would want but guess we will see. They took Minaya 🤷‍♂️
He’s a priority recruit for the staff.

I believe the number is 4, but if he wanted in they’d take him.
I'm glad to hear this then. Hope he commits soon, thought he would have by now bc it seems like to me he wants in, been to campus a ton for over a year now

Thanks for info.