2025 OL Board (2025 Edition)


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Nov 5, 2011
At this point, no one who's sane is going to question Mirabal and Mario's OL recruiting. Even the hard core Mario haters cut him slack here. Overall, the 24 OL cycle was down and we struggled to gain traction with any upper echelon OL. Going to need to have another great OL class (ala 23) to make up for it.

2025 Recruits

Kaden Strayhorn2June 23, 2024IMGMichigan
Solomon Thomas5*1
Ziyare Addison4*1June 11, 2024Oregon
Gerrick Gordon4*1June 9, 2024Trinity Catholic (Ocala)Rutgers
Max Buchanan4*1June 26, 2024Seminole (Sanford)Miami
Ellis McAdoo3*1Oakdale, CT
Chauncey Gooden
Peyton Joseph
Mason Short
Gabe Smith3*1Milton GA
Jaelyne Matthews4*June 7-9June 11, 2024NJRutgers PSU
David Sanders5*NC
Micah DeBose4*ALUGA
Avery Gach4*Franklin, MI
Juan Gaston Jr4*Atlanta, GA
Malachi GoodmanParamus, NJ
Andrew Babalola4*Overland Park, KS
Michael Fasusi4*Lewisville, TX
Owen Strebig4*1February 8, 2024Waukesha, WIDomers
Seuseu "SJ" Alofaituli4*1June 21-23July 5, 2024Bishop Gormon (Vegas)Miami
Douglas Utu4*Bishop Gormon (Vegas)
Alai Kalaniuvalu4*1Bishop Gormon (Vegas)
Anthony HastingsBishop Alemany (CA)
Elijah VaikonaXavier College Prep (CA)
Ethan SicklesVilla Park HS (CA)
Peyton Joseph4*Warner Robins, GAGators
Josh Petty4*Roswell, GA
Cortez Smith4*June 7-9July 20, 2024Parkview, GA
Dontrell Glover4*Fairburn, GA
Lamar WilliamsHavana, FL
Chavez “Sandman” ThompsonOregon
JJ Sparks3*Jacksonville Boles
Isaac "Spike" SowellsLouisville, KY
Mario Nash Jr.3*De Kalb, MS
Jaden Wilkerson3*May 31-Jun 2June 19, 2024Orlando EdgewaterMiami
Demetrius Campbell3*2June 7-9June 18, 2024Orlando, FLMiami
Taren Hedrick3*1June 9, 2024Naples, FLOle Miss
Demetri Manning3*1June 14-16June 11, 2024Bellevue, WAOregon
Takaylen “T.K.” Muex3*May 31-June 2May 16, 2024Neptune Beach, FLMiami
Connor Howes4*Saint Cloud, FL

2026 Recruits to Watch List

Keenyi PepeYES2IMG
Grant WiseYES?Pace
Breck Kolojay1IMG
Micah "Champion" Smith2+Ft Pierce
Bear McWhorter
Maxwell Riley
John Turntine IIIFort Worth, TX
Demetri Manning1Bellevue, WA
Ivan PenaSanta Margarita Catholic (CA)
Canon PickettWharton
Sam Utu5*1Orange, CA
Dylan BiehlSuwanee, GA
Ryan MiretN/R1Southridge
Nivre Carr4*IMG
Immanuel Iheanacho5*Rockville, MD
Ekene "Big E" Ogboko4*Durham, NC
Jackson Cantwell5*Nixa, MO
Lamar Brown5*Baton Rouge, LA

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2025 is supposed to be great for OL, no? I expect a great class and not more of these “we couldn’t sign any big timers bc of Samson and Francis” excuses.
Big Boy. Going to be a good ole fashioned battle with the Irish for him, with Wisky in the mix as well.
OL JJ Sparks from Jacksonville Boles HS got his offer because he plays w/violence

Initial OL board (from the Jan 29, 2024 Bank)

OL- One thing I heard- they haven’t seen as many athletic, big bodies as usual during the evaluation process. Some guys are athletic but narrow, while some big guys are too slow. One name that Miami loves who has size and athleticism- Owen Strebig (Waukesha, WI). Jaelyne Matthews (Toms River, NJ) is another guy the staff loves. Cortez Smith (Lilburn, GA) is another national kid that ranks high on the board. In terms of in-state talent, Miami would love to flip Solomon Thomas (Jacksonville) from Florida State. They also really like Ziyare Addison (Riverview, FL), Max Buchanan (Sanford, FL) and Lamar Williams (Havana, FL), who has an enormous frame (6’7, 280+).