NC are threatening to yank UNC and NC State out of ACC

The above article means if the state decided to ban same-*** marriage and the ACC boycotted (as seen in the article below), there would be no UNC & NC State in the ACC.

North Carolina House bill seeks to reinstate ban on same-*** marriage |
Good. That's like a girl with a pvssy that smells like a dumpster threatening to not let you lick it. Fvck them. If their cvnty state doesn't get everything they want then they're going to take their ****** smelling pvssies and not let us lick them.
No way the state has the cojones to do this. Minus the political mess - paying the exit fee and then finding a new conference? tv contracts, way the govt wants any part of the mess. This is just some politician trying to look big in front of his constituents....which is also surprising. as an outsider, i would have guessed both those teams/schools where untouchable in the state.
...... y'all do understand the ACC is a basketball league first right? all your doing is opening the door for Kansas since the Big 12 is a mess.

Trust me.. if the ACC/UNC have no counter measure.. The ACC is not giving up UNC (a basketball power house) just to continue their fake outrage over a couple laws. UNC brings in a lot of money for the ACC conference.
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But what about duke and wake? They can stay, right?

Whew, that was a close one...

State has no control over private universities, which they are.

They're both public schools! You're talking about Duke and Wake Forest. That's besides the point! Those Presidents of those institutions would raise so much **** if the State forced them to leave the ACC. You know how much revenue they would lose, you're talking multi millions lmao..

Yea, that would be a quickest way to get voted out of office lol!