Kai-Leon Herbert talks about signing with the Canes

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Sep 5, 2014
January 25th, 2017 at 7:35 PM. Kai-Leon Herbert announced where he would play college football.
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Six days later he’s officially a Miami Hurricane

“It’s a blessing.” said Herbert “Miami has been my dream school since i was 5 years old. It’s a dream come true.”

Herbert is apart of the best offensive line class in the nation — what does he think about it?

“I don’t really know the out of state guys, but the guys like Navaughn and Corey — They’re straight savages.” Herbert said “We’re going to go in, compete and dominate.”

For a school like American Heritage, who hasn’t sent a player to Miami in 10 years, it’s a special moment for Kai

“I didn’t even know about that wow.” said Kai “It’s just amazing because i’m going to try and bring guys like Tyson Campbell, Andrew Chatfield, Patrick Surtain and others.”
Getting him was a big get. Games are won in the trenches, it's not every day that you're able to snag a 4* guy like that towards the end of the recruiting cycle.

Plus: We opened the doors to Heritage again, time to keep rebuilding that relationship.
The best oline class in the ******* country THATS where I'm stressing with how much to see savages are going to maul the ACC for the next 4 years.
The board had like 10 pages on the commitment of a 4-star tackle and like 8,000 pages about the back and forth between corners.

Just take the OL upgrade. This teams front seven can hide Rumph's short term misses.

You can't hide bad OL play.
OL is a strength now. Offense is going to be unstoppable next year if our QB play is average or above.
Between Herbert, Donaldson, Gaynor, I'll throw in Dykstra because he's an EE getting in that college S&C, next year our OL will be nasty! Bunch of brawlers and maulers
For the S FL people, how good is this kid? I've heard a wide range of opinions on him. I realize he's not the beast that Donaldson is, but can he be a quality player at this level?
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Between Herbert, Donaldson, Gaynor, I'll throw in Dykstra because he's an EE getting in that college S&C, next year our OL will be nasty! Bunch of brawlers and maulers

These guys are straight savages.....now we can finally run the ball when we have to and throw it cause you can't stop the speed at wideout....Thomas, Harley, Richards,etc....We win the coastal this year ....win the ACC championship next year and 2019 CFB playoffs....2020 we will win it all.
Love that he made the class, I think he could be the future RT to bookend with Hillery (who looks like a prototype LT to me).

And if he helps us land Campbell and Chatfield that would be gravy. Although he couldn't even talk his boy Slaton into visiting us so I doubt he will factor much at all in this aspect.
This offensive line is great. Herbert and Donaldson address the short term issues. Gaynor will likely see playing time as well starting the 2018 season after a RS year. Dykstra and Hillery look like great long term prospects as well after a RS year at guard and tackle respectively.
If our lines on both side of the ball even remotely pan out then our toughest battles all year should almost take place at Greentree and not Hard Kok or any other venue on Saturdays. Let's see what you got, Coach Searels. I think we already know the monster dong Kool brings to the table.