Kaaya V. Weldon Film


Aug 1, 2013
Just looking at senior year HS film, who ya taking to start if they came in the same year?

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They are such very different QBs. But I guess knowing what offense we are now trying to run I go with Weldon.
Brad was rated much higher by the time he was at the end of his senior year - USC and UCLA wanted him - Weldon could surprise

With this OL - agreed - need someone that can run for their life
Weldon is actually a better runner than Perry, but that's not why I would take Perry ahead of both.

Imo, Perry is the better QB overall, he delivers the ball with velocity, has a cannon for an arm and was a stellar QB for two seasons straight at Vanguard breaking all of Daunte Culpepper's school records.

He was the hands down best QB in the state since his Junior year & has only gotten better... There's still a lot he has to work on in terms of 5-7 step drops & diagnosing Coverages, but as far as projecting foward I think he has through the roof potential.

Weldon to me is a good QB who will have a chip on his shoulder, but I really don't like his decision making with the ball, he makes a lot of questionable throws & will be a high turnover guy imo...
But, that's not an acceptable opinion on here, because Weldon has been crowned as the next Aaron Rodgers to most lol
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Anyone have actual game film on Weldon and/or Perry? Highlights don't show enough. Weldon's TD:INT ratio concerns me
if we are gonna keep running RPO's then PLEASE just put in a QB that isnt scared to tuck it in and run it himself... its was pointless lots of times to run it with Kaaya cause teams knew he wasnt gonna run it himself
Not sure why people are sleeping on Allison. Go back and watch his film. I think his HS tape translates best to Richt's pro style offense.

Watch his pocket presence and ability to throw on the run. Granted Weldon and Perry might have better straight line speed, but my bet is that after the spring game Allison will be named the starter. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it was Rosier.
Kaaya will go down as the most unappreciated QB in Miami history. Dude set records behind an Oline full of punks.
Brad was rated much higher by the time he was at the end of his senior year - USC and UCLA wanted him - Weldon could surprise

The reason Weldon is not rated higher was due to injury his junior year which limited his ability to participate in camps and the like. Kid is definitely underrated and I think we got a steal.

I think our QB class is very good this year. Hopefully someone takes the reigns. QB recruiting is the strangest of them all. So many never pan out.