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2023 JUCO WR Malik Benson receives offer


Dec 8, 2013
Listen, I’ll give you a perfect example of it. Miami and Auburn recruit a lot of the same players. I know for a fact Auburn’s coaching staff is negatively recruiting against Miami right now. Today. Dazz Worsham signed with Auburn and my oldest son plays at Auburn. Right or wrong it’s happening.

Fortunately, I think Miami has the right staff in place that can negate any negativity directed at the program and still sign the players they want in their program.
What are they saying?

Auburn just had 1 guy drafted too. Not sure how they are that much better than us.


Jan 30, 2013
He’s got OV’s set up for UGA, LSU & Tennessee thus far.

Bama & Tenn are in the lead for Benson right now, but things could change once he has it OV’s in June.

But my guess is he’ll go to Tennessee, but I could see Bama pressing the issue to get him because their 23 WR class is looking pretty regular right now, they’re not really in the lead for a lot top tier WR’s as of now.

Alabama just offered andy jean. Interesting.

Still expect him to be a cane though.