Jack with Concussion along w/ Shoulder

He won't be around when the 2018 season starts.

And we won't need to go live until fall practice. It's clear that Shirreffs and Rosier are the frontrunners. We'll go live one more time at least in the fall to test Perry.
D licking there chops. There will be plenty of QBs injured by this defense.
That's too bad. I hope he bounces back, puts in a lot of work this summer and competes come fall. The more competition the better for all our QB's.

Go Canes!
I have a feeling Allison will start looking for transfer destinations soon.

Guy is still an underclassman!

He's still got a chance but he's losing ground. It seems like it still hasn't "clicked" for him yet. If he can't beat out Rosier or Shirreffs for reps, how is he going to beat out even more talented incoming guys like Perry and Sitkowski? Not to mention Weldon.
The DLine must've of really ****ed him up... Either that, or he simply can't take a hit.
Who hit him? We need him to do that to a few QBs this year whoever it was...