DeAndre Wilder is smaller than our DB recruits

Perry man was small when he got here, spence was too at linebacker. So was jermaine grace. He can put o weight
Wilder is 6'2, Edwards & Tariq Carpenter are both 6'3...

Gaynor & Herb are both 6'4
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this photo is a little deceptive. edwards and carpenter are closest to the camera so they appear a bit larger.

As seen in this picture, Wilder is exactly 1 inch shorter than Edwards...

So what's your point besides trolling?
Denzel Perryman was "smaller" than some of our db's, so you're saying he's a JAG? Get outta here
Don't know why people are getting mad...Wilder IS smaller. I'd bet he's lighter than Edwards and Carpenter as well. Carpenter actually looks like a LB. I see Wilder being a nice contributor on Special Teams, I don't see him being a starting LBer for us ever. Nothing wrong with that though
Wilder is 190 maybe 195 his entire family has a wiry skinny frame...Get him in a real weight program he should be about 215 before the season start. He's too old to redshirt but he should get time on special teams and as a backup role he better then Perry, and #23
He is smallish.....and i don't care about height, i mean weight. Normally, not a big deal, as we've seen with other smallish LBs like Grace, Spence, Beason and other when they arrived.

However, Wilder's situation is a bit different, since he's already 2 years older than most of those guys were coming in. You would expect he would be a bit more physically mature, meaning heavier/thicker than a 192-196 LBer. It will be interesting to see how he progresses in a college weight and nutrition program.