D’Eriq King holding teammates accountable


Oct 27, 2014

I know their student athletes and they’re supposed to be working out. It’s refreshing though to have your QB holding his teammates accountable. I pray to God we have a season this year. S/o to the youngins Van Dyke and Keyshawn Smith too. I think they’re gonna be ballers in a few years
Jul 13, 2014
Dear Lord Baby Jesus,

Sure, it's well documented I couldn't even find a church on a map, but please, for the love of everything sacred, please dearest awesome God, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just find Mr. King and Mr. Lashlee just five (5) offensive linemen who aren't completely useless. I don't want 5 Trent Williams. That's far too much to ask. I don't even want one. I just want 5 kids up front who are not complete and utter liabilities. That's all I ask. Because if you give us that, we are going to have SO MUCH FUN with the aforementioned D'Eriq's and Rhett's. Please.

Thank you sweet baby lord,

Your friend,
Jun 19, 2013
King tell them to wear rubbers so theirs no excuse to leave early oh and no watching Ballers either.
Not even trying to be funny, but I know a couple of the chicks Dee Wiggins has chasing him -- my lord. I appreciate that kid's discipline and work ethic and I'm just gone leave it at that bc he could really be out here wilding with some bad ones (and when I say bad I'm talking bad by even Miami standards).


Jan 23, 2015
True story here goes...

It was a Friday night game , I was getting off the bus we lost another tough game but I was gaining P5 attention back in 1975 and my name was blaring over the PA LMAO all game long ANYWAY.

The second my foot hit the asphalt getting off the bus the HOTTEST SPINNER cheerleader I never would expect jumped in my arms wrapped around my neck went nuts on me OMG my D dudes yelling please share the goodies please , she got pulled off me her and a couple of here friends attacked me as I left locker room at Southwest High.

Well happy to say we went to Mc Donalds on Bird Road and ATE and I went home ALONE .