CIS repped in national media (aka Gator Tears)

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Nov 29, 2015
Did Miami coaches take advantage of phony message board accusation against Gators?

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No f'ing way Skibby pulled off the fake news heist of the year. Lmao no f'ing way
He's taking a bow over on Rivals, should be here to take one soon.

"Taking a bow" . Pretty clear this guy is working his tail off to make sure everyone sees this story as false. Guy comes up with a story presumably to try to hurt a rivals' recruiting fortunes heading towards national signing day but then goes bouncing around all over multiple message boards busting his *** to make sure everyone knows that he, a Canes, fan perpetrated this false story? And all this before NSD so that there's time for the the narrative to switch away from "Dirty UF" to "Sneaky UM" " right at the end? Kinda peculiar...
Why not wait til after signing day to take a bow...

Because he is not a Cane.

I saw his posts on the Rivals main board. Think it was legit, and he was doing God's work. Skibbz is just a moron for yapping a week too early. I don't think he expected his main board bullshiyt to get repackaged into a Facebook message, screenshotted, and then pasted all over Twitter as a legitimate scoop.

What is hilarious is that somehow the troll job worked so badly on the Gators that multiple outlets have felt the need to "expose" the troll job. As if half of what gets circulated as recruiting news isn't just as fake or unreliable. I'm tickled that this bothered them so much.

More than anything, this is a reminder that half of the recruiting news we hear is regurgitated bullshyt. It's all whispers. Some are legit, most probably aren't. All I'd have to do is take a picture of cash exchanging two random hands, email it to somebody, and then have that somebody Snapchat it. Screenshot the Snapchat, and we've got news!!!
I don't remember having a guy by that name on here. Anyways, mods gonna have to be on alert because this will only invite more trolls here. We ready! HSBD

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I hope skibby gets ****ed by a thousand thailand ladyboys.

He trolled us with that because we were all excited that UiF got caught. The dude was running his yap on here and tying his shît to Pete and this board by doing what he did.
Lmao at these gator blogs trying to change the narrative with baseless claims that Miami is negatively recruiting UF