Chris Henderson tweeting

Especially after he retweeted some bs about gators earning more in the league. That being said all these CBs have been to us
Especially looking at his retweets before this one

$$$ under contract now & in future for active DBs in NFL:
[MENTION=13418]Gator[/MENTION]sFB 262.5 Millon
[MENTION=5266]CanesFootball[/MENTION] 66.5 Million
Simple Business Decision.

Some bags were probably dropped if tonight.
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Exactly why I stay neutral with recruiting lol. One moment a kid looks like a sure bet, the next they decide to make the retarded decision
Richt and company going to be alright regardless how this class closes out. Miami is two years away from making a run at it all.
Just wait until Waters, Shields, and Gunter sign their 2nd contracts in the next 12 to 24 months. Wright, Elam, and Nelson will be out of the league.
Guys, these kids re-tweet everything that fans/friends tweet them...Unless its something totally arguementitive or assholish.

Except for the obvious when it's one-sided or momentum is really building...Don't go crazy over these re-tweets.
Look at who our DC was between 2011-2015. Of course UF's players are making money RIGHT now in the league.
Anyone who thought the Gaytes were just gonna take their loss sitting down is out of their mind. They are $EC too. Those ****ers will be contacting recruits and dropping off bags all of next week to salvage their class.