2023 CB Aaron Williams


Dec 31, 2018
CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Nobody made more appearances at Miami over the weekend than Corona (Cali.) Centennial Top247 cornerback Aaron Williams.

After making a stop at the school Friday, the nation’s No. 17 corner returned Saturday morning before going to compete in Battle Miami, and then made his way back to UM after his games finished up.

The Hurricanes impressed each time.

“I had to come back. I love it here,” Williams told InsideTheU on Saturday night.
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The way that Mario Cristobal and staff inspire these kids is really something to behold. To a man these kids always love their time here and are always pumped up wanting to come back. The vibe and the atmosphere that Mario has created is something very special. The man has a rare talent. A real gift. He has the ability to really connect with these kids and his message seems to resonate with practically everyone.

I can't help but be excited just reading what all of these elite prospects are saying. Before Mario came in I was hearing so much about what a great recruiter he is so on and so on and I expected him to be a very good recruiter but this ..... This is on a totally different level and has obliterated my expectations. With a real AD and a total commitment from the school and the administration in addition to all of the money we are now going to spend to invest in this program to make it championship caliber....How can anyone not be excited? Yeah I'm also tired of waiting for the coordinators to be hired but I'm starting to get the distinct impression that they will both be elite and that we will not be disappointed. I don't know how I got off on this tangent but whatever. It's great to be.....
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Obviously would love this but keeping a Cali kid for a year sounds like a tall task. I trust Mario tho!
Staying positive but there is always a kid in every part of the country that just wants to get away. We have had them FL where even when the Big 3 are dealing some still get away. Im hoping this is one of those kids. Mario's time on the WC will pay huge dividends, that state is so **** loaded and while per capita not of FL's level, the sheer size of that place opens up players we just haven't had access to in a good while.
Obviously would love his commitment but keeping a Cali kid for a year sounds like a tall task. I trust Mario tho!

Pretty clear off the Elite Weekend that Mario is making sure kids don't commit until they know for sure. He specifically wants kids and their families to have both been to campus. If he's taking a commit, it means he feels its very legit. Especially from the WC. Remember he's known a lot of these kids and their parents for a long while now too.