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2023 Brandon Innis - WR

Cory Grimes

Feb 22, 2018
South Florida is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to elite football talent. Often times, you can go to the local youth leagues and recognize the next crop of South Florida dogs. For University School’s Brandon Inniss, he didn’t want to waste another year playing middle school football. As an 8th grader, he busted on to the high school football scene as one of the Sharks top playmakers on offense and defense. The work was not complete after a highly productive season though. I saw the 2023 recruit show out at the UA combine as well as the Opening against some of the top defensive backs in the country. Inniss has cemented himself as one of south Florida’s next premier talents. I caught up with the young bull after the Opening. Here’s what he had to say.

You were the youngest guy out there by a couple years at the Opening, how does that feel? Is it something that you think about?

“It’s always been like that. I’ve been playing up since I was like 8, so I am just used to it by now.”

Playing varsity football as an 8th grader, do you think that’s help you mature faster than other kids your age?

“Yeah definitely, it was a better decision for me to go to varsity instead of playing another year in middle school football. I got a chance to get used to the system faster.”

Are there any of the older guys in south Florida who have talked to you and helped you prepare for the recruiting process?

“Yeah, definitely. Especially, Kenny McIntosh. Seeing what he did in 8th grade, that’s what I tried to do, but I tried to do it a little bit better. He’s kind of told me what to expect through high school and just all of this.”

What’s the biggest piece of advice he gave you?

“Listen to your coaches, work hard every day in practice and work on your own.”

At U School you played both ways, offense and defense, what do you think is the best spot for you?

“I think the best position for me is wide receiver.”

What NFL or College guys do you watch to model your game after?

“Calvin Ridley because of his routes. Julio Jones for his strength and athletic ability.”

What are specific things are you looking to improve right now?

“Getting off the line against the jam and making catches in traffic.”

This was only the beginning of Inniss’ off-season tour. He also plays for 7 on 7 powerhouse South Florida Express and will also be attending the Adidas Rivals combine this weekend.

Even though Brandon still has 4 years left in the recruiting process, he has already garnered interest from big time programs. Inniss says Miami and FSU have contacted him the most. In fact, Inniss just landed an offer from Miami this past week. FSU and LSU have been Inniss’ favorite teams growing up. For Brandon, he says being able to make an immediate impact will be one of the biggest factors when deciding which school he will ultimately go to.

If I didn’t already know, I would never have thought Brandon was an 8th grader from watching him play. He fit right in and then some with older guys who are considered some of the best in the country at his position. I would go as far as to say he was one of the better receivers at both combines regardless of age. He plays well beyond his years. He is a technician with the routes and a natural hands catcher. He understands how to attack leverage and create separation. He does little things within his routes that kids his age have probably never even heard of or seen before. His speed will increase as his body continues to develop, but I can already see a serious burst in and out of his breaks. He is also a real threat after the catch, as he can put together a series of moves and make guys miss in tight spaces. I just see a guy that looks extremely comfortable on the football field regardless of where you line him up. Brandon made plays in all 3 phases for University School this past year with over 600 yards receiving, 10 total TD’s and 3 INT’s. The scary thing for everyone else in south Florida is that he hasn’t even scratched his full potential yet. If he continues this trajectory, he will be one of the most highly touted prospects in the entire class of 2023. Stay tuned because the Brandon Inniss Saga has only just begun.


Scientific potato
Jan 3, 2014
Models his game after two Baga players...things that make you go hmm.



Jan 28, 2012
Sheesh we are getting old. So this kid was born around 2005 and that means his first experience with college football and Miami was us being a complete cluster F. No surprise he likes FSU and Baga players, they were hot when he was growing up. We really need to start putting some studs in the league and winning some games.


Mar 1, 2013
I been telling y’all.

This kid is special, special. And a great kid off the field as well

Easy 5 star. Y’all joke about it now, but when he’s that bonafide 5 star in our backyard in 4 years, you’re going to be all about it.


Jun 20, 2012
Guys, the kid can likely only remember the last 7 or so years of CFB. Him talking about Bama shouldn't be a surprise. With four years before he enrolls, I am comfortable saying that unless a kid has family pressure to a specific school or to take bags, a lot of winning can change his mind.

Writing him off to Bama at this point is not just soft-shouldered, but shortsighted.