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2023 5-star DE Hicks travels to UM for Paradise, impressed by Simpson


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Feb 3, 2018
Hicks went to OU on Thursday for what was supposed to be a one day visit. He went with both his grandparents and was scheduled to travel to TAMU for their big pool party/bbq event. he decided to stay at OU thru Saturday morning to attend their Friday night event and blew off TAMU...

OU mod posted the following:

I know everyone will ask me where things stand now with Hicks. I will say that I think the Sooners are the leader at this time, but this recruitment has a long way to go. Hicks is set to announce at the Under Armor Game in January, so a lot of twists and turns can and likely will happen between now and then. Still, Oklahoma has been surging. With Hicks's relationship with Todd Bates, Brent Venables, Jay Valai, and Miguel Chavis as strong as it is, you have to like where OU stands and also think Oklahoma is going to be a tough out.

EDIT: there was a later thread I didn't see initially. Apparently there was some "big excitement" on Friday night and the smoke was Hicks committed to the OU staff. It's all just rumor but the two Rivals reporters put in their cbs on Saturday. Sounds like one of those guys is usually pretty connected. No one knows for sure.

The 247 reporter is a little more cautious since Hicks is supposedly not committing until the AA game in January.

I would pick Ou and think they lead by a significant margin, but it’s July/almost August and four months from a decision. Kids at that stature tend to have swings, so I’ll wait a bit.

But, yes, I would put OU in at 6 or 7 right now if he wasn’t one if the top DL in the nation and a top 15 player. Not because I don’t think Ou won’t win this — I obviously do right now. It’s because I have seen these things go up and down with kids of that stature before and it’s never smooth.

I trust Nick more than almost anyone and Parker and I tweeted about this Hicks stuff last night before anyone, so I get the vibe with OU and Hicks. We were on it before anyone. But like Renaud, I want to see some things play out first.

BUT, if they picked today I think they are going to OU.
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Nov 25, 2012
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Sep 25, 2017
As a defensive recruit, it would be hard to pass up being coached by Venables, in particular on the DL. Long way to go and there's so many factors compared to in the past, so we'll see.


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Nov 2, 2011

. Fair enough. So please point out examples of down programs being gave a fair shot by blue chip recruits to come in with no intangibles put into play. I'm aware most people don't know who's paying for what so just throw in a educated opinion of blue chip recruits(enough to build a top class) coming in not caring about needing any money or benefits and not caring about losing. 1st year or otherwise if you'd like. Only one I can think of off the top of my head is Baylor under briles. I heard they took care of kids to build that but I'm not sure. So I'll use that as only sound example I can think of.

I think we are talking about different points of the same argument, I think. I was thinking about schools that were once dominant, and then hitting tough times, that have resurged. Bama before Saban sucked. Miami, Fsu, Boise kinda rose from nothing. But I think you would generally share the sentiment above! I think I may have missed the specific point;)


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Aug 11, 2015
Their 247 reporters are saying that there are "things being done on defense that have never been done at OU before". By things they are referring to recruiting......
Explain to them than if recruiting is what they're talking about they should give up their credentials. Ou had always recruited offense and defense at elite levels. It's just a matter of putting them together consistently