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2022 DB Jordan Allen Recaps Miami OV

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Sep 18, 2012
I feel where ur coming cuzzin skeeter but....we have to take 4 CBs if we take him because he's already showing signs of wanting something Be$$er so until he actually lands the UGA OV or LSU OV etc, if the coaches take him commitment best believe it will be understood that they are only as committed as he is. If this kid commits to us just seems like it's a play on his end to get the coaches at the schools he wants to make a move on him. IMO UGA wants Spells over him solely due to level of HS competition, thereby Spells is being projected to be better, even though we all know level of competition isn't necessarily a true way to project a kid. Many of kids have played private school and/or lower level competition and have gotten busy in college and even in the pros.

What signs do we have he is on the take?