2018 Recruiting

Well since it might be a while, I'll offer what I know.

The only 5 star we are on the radar of is Immanuel Quickley. 247 isn't giving us much of a shot right now, but they didn't for Walker either.

Larranaga and co has visited him multiple times, with January 15th being the most recent, and Immanual took an unofficial visit to Miami on October 8th. For fun, check out this terrible Scout article. It says Miami is one of two out of his final 8 to not get an unofficial visit, and proceeds to say he did visit us two paragraphs later.

Seems like we're putting the fully court press on him.

Promising recruiting fact, 5 of our top 10 recruits of all time will be on the team next year.

Can't find much else about any other players, so hopefully casualcane can give us more info.
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Made the cut to 8 for Devon Dotson

Also in the running for:

Cole Swider ****SF made his cut to 8 Duke just offered
Cameron Reddish *****SF made his cut to 8
Jalen Carey ****PG
Other names out there with offers

Matthue Cotton ****SG
Hameir Wright ****SF
Jimmy Nichols SF
Emmanuel Dowouna C
As for the 2018 class and the big men (we recruit), I don't think we're going to try or actually land a lot of kids. I think this will be intentional as well, regardless of whether you think the strategy is good or not. I think the staff's goal will be to land Carey and Koprivica in the 2019 class and they want them to play a lot of burn right away. I also think they want them to know that they're the focus and the future.

2019 Roster (big men only):

Miller (Sr. or Red Jr.)
Huell* (Sr. or Red Jr.)
Deng Gak (Jr. or Red So.)
Waarendburg (Jr. or Red So.)

*Huell could obviously leave before then

I think the staff will look for a grad transfer in 2018 and 2019 to help out. I just don't believe we will sign 2 big men in 2018, based on things today (and they could change), unless they're elite.
It's crazy how little recruiting coverage this program receives, even after signing several 5 star guys the last couple of years.
what kind of stuff is being said about Jalen Carey and his views towards The U??

Carey was just offered in late April and according to him, Coach L has been recruiting him hard. Being that he can play either guard position, not sure if this has anything to do with our chances at IQ.

He strikes me as another kid where the school and the fit matter. I would expect him to visit.

Some of the chatter says KU (who recently offered as well).