2018 CB talks Canes


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Sep 5, 2014
Photo Credit: Andrew Ivins Miami247

While the focus at American Heritage-Plantation on Wednesday was about Marco Wilson (Florida), TJ Slaton (Florida) and Kai-Leon Herbert (Miami). There's one Under Armor All American that's ready to lead the Patriots next season ---- 2018 CB Patrick Surtain Jr.

"I'm happy for my guys." said Surtain "They've been preparing me for this moment to finally lead this team along with Tyson Campbell and others, but we're ready to make some noise."

Surtain is rated the #1 CB in the nation. He has offers from Miami, FSU, LSU, Alabama and other, but there's some schools sticking out to him right now.

"I like Miami, Alabama, Clemson, LSU, FSU, Florida and Ohio St.

One of the schools he likes is the Hometown Miami Hurricanes

"I like Miami a lot actually." Surtain said "My former head coach (Mike Rumph) would be my position coach if i go there, so it's would be a good situation if i go there."

"I like Mark Richt, he's a really nice guy and stuff, he really cares about his players."
LSU might actually have the top rated DB class next year....with multiple sofla kids

supposedly lead for Surtain and Joseph.
So next year is shaping up to be a **** of a class in SFLA huh? There may be no more important season than the '17 season. We need to go 10-2, win the coastal, play a close game in the ACC title game and win our bowl game.

Another 8-4 or even 9-3 season w/o a big win this year and this program will be stuck in the twilight zone forever.
Why are we not the favorite here? This kid's dad made enough in his day. His dad is his handler and apparently his dad and Rumph are close. I honestly think we should be the favorite and shouldn't settle for less.

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Don't get scared. We have a legitimate shot at PSJr. Money is not an issue, so bags don't matter all that much. He knows and likes Rumph and Richt. His father likes Rumph and Richt. Basically does he want to stay home and play, or leave. That and our record in 2017 will determine this race. Kid wants to play for a winner.
Surtain Jr.

Land them all!!!
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