Wyche makes it official, commits to Miami

Wyche makes it official, commits to Miami

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Two weeks ago, CanesInSight.com reported that USC commit Michael Wyche could be on the verge of switching his commitment to Miami. Today, the 6-4, 340-pound defensive tackle made it official -- he is a Hurricane.

“It’s a blessing, man. I’m just happy to be at the point of my life to make a crucial decision and I think it’s the best fit for me moving forward.”
The decision was an easy one for Wyche, a Junior College player at East LA C.C.

“They have a lot of guys leaving next year so they’ll be young at D-Line and I’ll have a chance to compete for some playing time and try to help the team in any way I can.”

What gave Wyche the confidence to pull the trigger without ever visiting Coral Gables?

“I just sat down and talked to Coach Jethro Franklin real hard. I’ll come down there next month to watch a game. All the things were just pointing towards the U.”

The newest Miami commitment has received a warm welcome on Twitter from ‘Canes fans.

“It’s been off the chain, man. The ‘Canes fans are amazing and I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It’s crazy.”

Some Miami fans are wondering if the timing of Wyche’s commitment had anything to do with today’s ruling from the NCAA.

“Nah, I actually didn’t know anything about it (laughs). That’s what’s so funny about it because everybody thinks I just committed because of that, but I hadn’t heard about anything.”

Wyche has taken a look at the 2014 recruiting class and likes what he sees.

“It’s a strong recruiting class and I think we can all come in there and help the team even more.”

“I’m ready to move forward and I’m happy to be apart of the family. It’s all about The U.”
**Wyche is planning to enroll at Miami in January.

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We back?

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What's even better, Courtel Jenkins can sit back and develop and be the next man up when Wyche leaves at the NT position.

How in the **** am I going to be able to stop hitting the refresh button? I smell 1, maybe 2 more tonight.
Niiice....love the gif too! Im loving this!!! I wish i was back home now so i could go to the WF game and show my support and appreciation for what Golden and these players endured. I hope we come out in drobes Saturday and surprise the team with support so they CAN NOT take Wake lightly. Wyche WELCOME TO THE []_[] BABY!!! Lets get it!!
I love how Golden shows no mercy in going after other teams' commits. (ya ya, everyone does it I know - but Golden by rooflessness!!)

Hide ya kids, hida ya wife, and hide yo recruitz... cuz we rapin erbody out there
i see what u doing Mr Golden......the Ace of Spades is on the way....

Props to Pete. He was the first guy on Wyche.
Don't celebrate too much. Paratard said UM won't admit him because of past transgressions.