U. School 4-star Sanguinetti updates recruiting process

U. School 4-star Sanguinetti updates recruiting process

Stefan Adams
4-star University School DB Josh Sanguinetti has been a highly recruited talent for quite some time now and sports offers from the nation’s top programs all around the country.

“It’s going good,” Sanguinetti said on his recruiting process. “I’ll probably narrow down my list before the season starts. Releasing a top 10 is still the plan.”

The Miami Hurricanes had made Sanguinetti feel like a priority in the past and at one point were considered his leader, but he says contact has slipped a bit from UM’s end. Still, Sanguinetti is confident in the connection he’s made over the years with cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph.

“I haven’t heard from them in two weeks, but I usually talk to coach Rumph,” Sanguinetti said on the Canes. “We have a pretty good relationship.”

So, which aspects of the Miami program are drawing Sanguinetti’s interest?

“The family atmosphere and I like what coach Richt is doing with the program,” Sanguinetti said. “Everyone that goes to UM is a dog, so you know you’re going to get the best out of who you’re playing with.”

A summer visit to Coral Gables is in the cards for Sanguinetti, although nothing has been lined up just yet.

“Yeah I’ll be taking a trip there soon,” Sanguinetti said of UM. “I’ll go whenever it comes up, I don’t have anything set.”

One upcoming visit is set in stone for the U. School star and that will be to Ann Arbor, Michigan to take in a Big 10 power that he’s been in frequent contact with lately.

“I’m going to Michigan next month,” Sanguinetti said. “I’ll plan some other visits, but I’m not sure which. I just know I’ll be at Michigan next month.”

What does he like about the Wolverines and head coach Jim Harbaugh?

“They have a great school and a great football program,” Sanguinetti said. “And a great coaching staff, I hear from (defensive backs) coach Zordich a lot.”

Another Big 10 school has gained some ground in Sanguinetti’s recruitment, while an old favorite is still hanging around.

“Nebraska texts me pretty much every day. They’ve made a move,” Sanguinetti said. “I still like Stanford too.”

Sanguinetti says he still plans to take his decision all the way to signing day. When he is ready to make a decision, however, getting on the field as a freshman and a school’s academic program will be key factors.

“Playing early definitely and education,” Sanguinetti said on what he’s looking for in a school.

Sanguinetti will be heading to Frisco, Texas to take part in Nike’s “The Opening” Finals from late this week to early next week. The star-studded event attracts some of the top high school football prospects around the nation and Sanguinetti was one of the chosen few to get the invitation.

“I’m just looking forward to a great experience there and competing with the best players in the country.”


Comments (85)

Sanguinetti sounds like the chick you were after for months hitting her up consistently and she wasn't really reciprocating the love. Now that you got another girl in the fold taking up your time, you started giving her less attention, and now she wants it more than ever before

Too little too late, it sounds like. That atrocious 40 time also didn't help I'm sure
So we've cooled on him but might regain interest if we whiff on bigger targets. I still like his film and length at the CB of Safety spot. I would keep evaluating him and the DB board.
He's got time to regain flavor with the coaches but he's going to have to show he's a better athlete than he's tested at. Guys don't have to run 4.3 but you've got to post at least respectable numbers in speed and agility testing. Average athletes can still be good players, below average athletes can't.
the football god gift us a South Florida Stud an we gonna pass cause of a 40 time in cold ass Ohio, an the fact he wants to go through the process lol, he is the second best south Florida db only guy i feel can play both corner and safety at a 4 star level other than Riq maybe Battle... Better get this Kid.
Damn I want the kid but he shouldn’t be the type taking it to feb. signing day period (unless that’s his schools policy)
I like him better then a corner who’s never played the position ( damarious good ) I hope he redeems himself and runs faster then 4.8 at the opening. His tape is legit he is a baller on the field just not at combine testing
**** it. Let’s just line up our whole DB board at paradise and do a 40 yard dash contest. Top 3 get a spot in our class.
I was wondering the same thing. What happens if he runs a 4.5 & shows off a 32 inch vert? Neither are likely.. But still..
I just hope he improves regardless. Always liked the kid.

You do realize that's part of the evaluation process right?? It's pretty normal for a coach to not want a 4.8 CB if you're trying to compete against the Clemson's of the world. If he goes from a 4.8 to a 4.5 then yes that obviously changes things. If Mcfadden ran a 4.5 at the NFL Draft combine he would have been drafted. But because he still hasn't finished his 40 he was undrafted. Pretty simple concept.
Like his film, but not even going to lie sanguinetti played this all wrong and should have committed to UM when his commodity was high and a big time target in the spring
That's where some of these kids F-Up! They start believing they are stars when teams are really still evaluating them or they are not on the top of those teams position boards.

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