Thoughts on Stevenson and Bogle Announcement

Thoughts on Stevenson and Bogle Announcement

Stefan Adams
As many know, priority Hurricane 2019 targets DE Khris Bogle and DB Tyrique Stevenson are announcing at the Army All-American Bowl tomorrow (game beginning at 2 pm). I’ve talked to numerous sources both on the player’s and Miami’s side recently, and I’ll be upfront about it, all that’s clear is there’s no certain answer for who they’re going to choose tomorrow. They’re either both very torn or have done an excellent job hiding their intentions. That doesn’t have me overly confident for Miami; I was hoping to hear something more concrete for UM, especially considering Miami's “announcement day” history and the two programs they’re competing against. Here’s the latest I’m hearing.

The chatter has been heavy on Stevenson, but in both directions. The talk has been mixed coming from his side, with some close to the recruitment saying Miami and some saying Georgia. I’ll say the faction that was pumping up Miami to me 2-3 weeks ago is much less certain what he’ll do. One good source close to the recruitment feels he is playing up both sides. On the positive angle, I can say that Miami’s staff feels very confident they will land him. I can’t say I’m quite as confident, but that is encouraging nonetheless, if only from the standpoint that if the staff wasn’t feeling confident, this would be 100% over. If they land Stevenson, I’m told the deciding factor will be not being able to turn down safeties coach Ephraim Banda, as the two have built an exceptional relationship, and he should be commended for fighting all the way to the end in what has been a topsy-turvy recruitment.

It’s been the polar opposite on Bogle, as there’s been complete silence coming from his camp and they're keeping things close to the vest. So, while I wish I was able to hear more on that side, I’m a little more confident here since there has been nothing really new coming in; Bama had to win him over and status-quo would indicate Miami. One program source feels the fact that he is signing late, yet not taking another visit to Bama before his decision, is also a positive indicator for Miami. I know Bogle’s told both Miami and Alabama he was coming in the past. The staff is aware of this, but despite that, they are confident on landing Bogle as well.

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How are are 3 of the 5 people to respond to this thread all troll porsters?
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Would be an excellent start to the Diaz era if we can land these two studs and get the ball rolling on 2020 as this 19 class will go down as one with MANY.. MANY.. MANY misses which will be revisited at nauseam in the future
How are are 3 of the 4 people to respond to this thread all troll porsters?

I think the rest of us understating these battles for elite kids aren't likely to end in our favor. The updates are appreciated but don't mean much.

Until we start winning these battles it doesn't make sense for Canes fans to be overly confident.
Sounds like the typical staff feeling confident stuff only for them to go to other schools

Yup, feel they always feel confident before getting left at the altar

We need to get a more experienced body on that defensive staff maybe in replacement of Rumph who can smell this out
So is Rique an EE? If so, didn’t he have to sign and submit a NLI by a certain date? I’m going into the game tomorrow with the expectation that we aren’t getting either. This runner up **** has to stop going forward or we will be stuck as mediocre forever.