The Work 8-1

The Work 8-1

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**Here are some notes from Al Golden’s press conference earlier today:

On the looming verdict from the NCAA:
“My biggest focus right now is just to keep the team focused. We know at some point there’s an answer coming, but we’re going to do everything in our power to bunker down and not let this disrupt our third consecutive training camp,” said Golden

**Golden continually mentioned the maturity of this year’s team as opposed to last year.
“I think we have the right guys on the train right now. It’s a mature team. It’s a team that’s focused and I don’t need to remind them of what our goals are and what our mission is and what our standards are. It’s been quiet because guys have been busy trying to get better and take the next step.”

**Golden gave an update on the health status of Eduardo Clements and Malcolm Lewis:
“I’m always cautious about that, but all indications right now are that Eduardo is going to be cleared. He’s been doing everything all summer and obviously there hasn’t been any contact, but it sounds like he’s in great shape. Malcolm is in the same boat. He’s been running and if he’s not 100% then he’s pretty close to it.”

**Another aspect of the team that Golden stressed was the amount of depth at multiple positions.
---“I don’t know who the starters are at wide receiver right now. I certainly don’t know who the two, and three, and four coming in the game are gonna be or who are the six or seven that are gonna travel, but there’s excellent competition at that spot.”
---“The pendulum for the first time is really heavy on the competitive side. We mentioned wide receivers before, but tight ends, Asante (Cleveland) had a really good spring. Beau Sandland, the last six practices, looked like we wanted him to be. Clive (Walford) had a really good summer, and Jake O’Donnell, and Stan (Dobard). At offensive line, god willing we stay healthy, I don’t know who the starting five are and that’s a good thing because there’s at least six guys going to sleep tonight thinking they’re starting. There’s probably four or five safeties who think they’re the starter when they go to bed tonight, so that’s good.”

**Golden was asked if he took any time during the summer to reflect on the program’s growth over the last two years and he said, “No. You know what, I did recruit though. I recruited like crazy and I’m grateful for the guys on this current team for allowing the staff and I to recruit and get ready for camp.”

**When asked if he expected any more players to join the roster, Golden said, “I do. We’re not much different than the Dolphins right now. We’re going to keep the waiver wire open and we’ll release the names as you go. However we feel like we can improve our team, we’ll do that. I feel like we have, certainly since signing day.”
---Golden added later in the press conference that although Julio Deroiser and Ufomba Kamalu are not on the roster officially yet, he expects both to be in by Saturday.

**One of the major concerns heading into the season is if the defensive line will be able to generate more of a pass rush compared to last season. Golden was asked if he thinks there will be an improvement in that category.
“I think it will and I think it did in the spring even though there’s no gauge to that. Kelvin Cain is 250 pounds now and he did a good job for us, and Corey King (too). Obviously we believe Alquadin Muhammad is going to help us in that category. Tyriq McCord, given the twenty pounds that he’s added, should be more than just a speed rusher now.”

**Golden was asked about which areas he expected Duke Johnson to improve in this season: “In every area. He’s improved his conditioning; he’s improved his size. He physically looks different. He should play with a quiet mind because he’s learned everything. He’s learned all the pickups, all the routes out of the backfield. That’s going to help him play faster. He’s got an excellent toolbox already. He knows when to drop his shoulder pads and obviously he’s got a great lateral cut, but his stiff arm and his ball-handling is excellent, I would say elite. He’s got to be able to handle a little bit more. We have to get his touches up where last year he hit that wall a little bit, but he should be able to go right through that wall and be even better.”
---Golden also confirmed that Duke would continue to return kicks.

**Golden on how he deals with opposing coaches negative recruiting against Miami:
“We lay facts out. Graduation rates, class size, school size. We lay the facts out for the young man to make his decision easier against whoever our competition is. I don’t spend my time worrying about other people’s programs because I’d rather invest our time selling ours.”

**The team will scrimmage on Sunday, August 11th according to Golden.
**Golden referenced Alex Figueroa, Raphael Kirby, Anthony Chickillo, Olsen Pierre, and Jelani Hamilton as players who took big steps in the weight room.

**One of the more interesting things to monitor down the stretch will be the handling of the slot receiver spot. The three targets right now are Brandon Powell, Braxton Berrios, and JoJo Robinson. JoJo Robinson (FSU commit) is probably the least likely of the three to wind up in the class just because of the fact he wants to wait until signing day to make a “final decision”, and at that point the spot might not be there. Powell is currently a Tennessee commit, but that is very shaky at the moment and Powell has been on Miami’s campus more than once during the summer, so there is positive momentum with him. Berrios is still high on the radar and will be taking his official for the Florida game on the weekend of September 7th. I expect him to make his decision during that time span. If Powell flips to Miami before Berrios commits, I’m not sure there would be a spot for both of them, but the interesting scenario would be if Berrios committed first and Powell wanted on board later. Powell’s versatility might force the coaches to take him no matter what. I am in favor of taking both, even though many people will note their similarities as prospects. You can never have enough playmakers.

**There has been chatter recently that current commit Chris Herndon might not end up in this class, which definitely sounded like a possibility when he told CanesInSight’s Tito Benach today during an interview that he will “keep his options open”.
---“I’m still mostly committed there, my coach at my school is telling me that other schools are looking to offer me. I’ll definitely keep my options open, but so far right now I’m still committed,” said Herndon

**Trent Harris’ commitment to Miami on Monday continued a trend that has been evident over the past few years with this coaching staff – their love for versatile pass rushers. From the last three classes (including 2014), Dwayne Hoilett, Tyriq McCord, Alquadin Muhammad, Devante Bond (has not qualified) Harris, Demetrius Jackson, and Mike Smith are all guys who were recruited to play standing up or with their hand on the ground.

**Realistically, the rest of the class essentially boils down to these prospects for the time being – Dalvin Cook, Johnnie Dixon, Berrios, Powell, Travis Rudolph, Ravian Pierce, Anthony Moten, Claude Pelon, and Chris Lammons. You can throw in another interior guard, a couple more defensive tackles (probably another JUCO), and maybe another safety.

**I mentioned last week about the big jump Tonye Jekiri is expected to make during his upcoming sophomore season. Assistant Coach Eric Konkol tweeted out today that the big man is now weighing 235 pounds, up from the 215 he came to the University of Miami at.
“Tonye Jekiri just informed me he is now 235 lbs which is up from 215 when he arrived 13 months ago. ‪#CaneStrong” - @CoachKonkol

**Miami made 2014 SG Troy Holston’s final 6 of Miami, Alabama, USF, Marquette, Memphis and K-State. Tito Benach had an update with Holston earlier this week -

**Shane Larkin officially signed his deal with the Dallas Mavericks on Monday -

**Julian Gamble posted on his Instagram account that he has made it to France to begin workouts with his new team, Saint-Vallier.

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You forgot a pretty notable name in Ermon Lane towards the end...otherwise great piece !
With Herndon my guess is Golden is also "mostly committed and keeping his options open".

If enough of those big time ballers left on the board decided to commit then Herndon may lose his spot.
Lane is a guy that I don't believe is a main focus RIGHT NOW. Later in the process I expect the heat to get turned up again, but not if Dixon and Berrios/Powell are committed
On the pass rusher comment, pretty clear we are headed to a 3-4 defense by next year

On recruiting, guarantee we will have three more commits not on that list. This staff looks under every rock, bridge, out house, townhouse, doghouse for prospects
You forgot a pretty notable name in Ermon Lane towards the end...otherwise great piece !

Have you been following Lane's recruitment and this board the past few months.. He's choosing UF or Bama. After the season i'm sure the staff will put the full court press on him..
The Work does work. Again. I share your opinion that you can never have too many play makers. If Barrera and Powell both want in then you take them both.
Powell is MUCH more explosive than Berrios. Easy decision on who to take if that´s what it comes to.
Im on the Berrios wagon, then I watched Powell's tapes. WoW! Now I want both!!! Powell at Rb and Berrios at Slot. But if it came down to getting JUST ONE, I'm gonna have to roll with Powell. Watch both tapes and decide for yourself! that Derosier and Kamalu are definitely in, how many more DTs do we take outside of Moten?