The Work 3-2

The Work 3-2

Peter Ariz
**This edition of The Work will be centered around the 7-on-7 event that I attended yesterday. Florida Fire, Team Strong Arm, Baller Nation (Palm Beach), and Glades Central were amongst the teams playing and it was stacked with talent. Here are some players who caught my eye.

**2016 Carol City WR Steven Newbold is one of the most exciting prospects I’ve seen in a while. A few people I spoke to at the event compared him to Stacy Coley and I wouldn’t say that is far off. He’s not as tall as Coley yet, but has the same fluidity and smoothness that makes it seem like he is toying with defenders. He also plays with the same nonchalant attitude that many people berated Coley for when he was in high school. Looks like he will grow a couple more inches and is about 5-10 right now. I will have a full story on him this week, but he says that Miami and Nebraska are already in contact with him.

**2017 Royal Palm Beach QB Toddy Centeio will be a highly recognized name by the middle of this season. The young quarterback has a huge arm, solid build, and very good athleticism for the position. His throwing motion can use some tweaking, but he is next in line down here.
Highlights -

**2016 Northeast WR Binjiimen Victor is a freak. He is a long-strider at 6-4 and uses his body very well. He can go up and get the football ad then outrun his defender. High 4-star talent once he is evaluated. Miami offered last night.
Highlights -

**Some people may view this as a ridiculous statement, but 2016 ATH Cavin Ridley might be better than his older brother Calvin, who is the #1 WR in the country for the 2015 class. Cavin is already bigger than Calvin and has not even hit the weight room. Not many people know about him because he did not play football last year, but he will be at Monarch this upcoming year. Can play receiver or safety, but many believe that running back is his best position, which is where he has dominated since optimist.

**I am a big fan of 2015 Glades Central ATH Jamarius Way’s potential. Way is about 6-4, 200-pounds and was playing receiver for his team on Saturday as he does during the season. He has freakishly long arms and is in the mold of an Alex Figueroa/Darrion Owens type once he gets in the weight room. Miami puts a high importance on length and they are aware of Way so he could be a target to be a camp offer.
Highlights -

**I won’t go on about how good Calvin Ridley and Shawn Burgess-Becker are because everyone knows about their ability, but I will share some notes that I gathered on them. Miami is still looking good with both, especially Ridley. Burgess-Becker still has the Canes up top (was wearing Miami shorts too), but he is not necessarily a lock. SBB was actually playing QB for the Fire for a game or two because he had a minor leg injury and could not run at 100%.

**2016 Champagnat Catholic QB Kato Nelson is starting to look the part of a big-time quarterback prospect. The question with Nelson has never been with his arm talent or athletic ability, but more with his size. Nelson is about 6-1 now and you can tell he has been hitting the weight room hard. He can fit throws into small windows and is well respected by his peers. West Virginia is close to offering him.

**2015 Fort Lauderdale WR/TE James Gardner is an intriguing prospect because of his size (6-5) and receiving ability. He is a mismatch problem for defensive backs and has the frame to add weight and block down the line. Cincinnati has offered the versatile player.

**The rich get richer. 2017 WR Clevan Thomas, Jr. (father played at Florida State) is now at Booker T. Washington after playing his freshman year at Jackson. Thomas will flourish in the Booker T. spread offense. Thomas is already a legitimate 5-10, 183 and is three years away from his graduating year. He will be a high 4-star, 5-star kid very soon.

**I was encouraged to see Central DE/OLB Fermin Silva participating in what he told me was his first experience with 7-on-7 football. Silva is primarily used as a rush end and defensive tackle at Central, but he is determined to show coaches that he has the ability to cover and I was slightly surprised to see him make some plays in that regard. I need to see more of him in that department, but he definitely has the size to play linebacker at Miami.

**One of the concerns with Da’Vante Phillips has been how much he would be able to bulk up, but he is filling out very nicely. Top end speed has never been a strength of his so I’m not sure how well he will be able create separation in college, but he gets open easily at this level. He made a crazy one-handed reception over the top of his defender that had people going nuts. Phillips was wearing an Alabama beanie yesterday.

**2016 ATH Jotavious Barrett recently transferred to Champagnat Catholic from South Dade and he is an absolute stud. He is only about 5-9, but he is strong and quick. He can play corner, but he told me that he prefers having the ball in his hands. Can be an explosive return guy as well.

**I will have interviews up with a number of these prospects throughout the week.

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I met Centeio's dad at a football camp a couple years ago. His dad was saying how he loved Miami and he'd love for his son to play there.
The names alone in this made it well worth the read. Toddy, Cavin and Binjiiiiimen make a name like Kato seem run of the mill.
The 2017 QB centio won the qb competition put on by mastrole passing academy and South Florida High School Sports. He got very high praise for a kid who just finished his freshman season.
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Victor from stacy coleys hs
Strange news on Ridley/SBB

I always thought it was the other way around. SBB was closer to a lock as we need to keep an eye on Ridley looking elsewhere.
Just because Ridley and SBB as package deals to UM doesnt seem like the full lock of the century right now doesnt mean we have to worry. Pete still said SBB has us up top and "was wearing Miami shorts" even thought I dont see that as a big deal others do. I still expect both here
(Calvin)Him and his brother look like twins and he's big I hope we lock him up 2

cavin ridley to the left calvin on the right

Guy could up up looking like Bo the bama commit. Question? should we offer the other two ridleys right now just off potential, I'm not buying the its two early or he does not have any highlights.
Just because Ridley and SBB as package deals to UM doesnt seem like the full lock of the century right now doesnt mean we have to worry. Pete still said SBB has us up top and "was wearing Miami shorts" even thought I dont see that as a big deal others do. I still expect both here

What % of "package deals" actually materialize? I'm not saying one way or another with these two but it just seems like a very popular concept early (relatively speaking) in the recruiting process with highly rated friends that often ends up not happening.
actually like calvin is more of a lock. i thought it was the other way around. both are strong leans to UM.
watching recruiting for the last 19 years i learned there is no such thing as a lock to any school these kids minds change so fast