The Work 1-1

The Work 1-1

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**Da'Vante Phillips was always going to be a difficult pull for Miamk since early in the process. Miami was legitimately a factor for him late and the word is that the Canes even led for him after the FSU game. Ultimately, Phillips told his coach Roland Smith that he wanted to get out of Miami.

**Phillips' teammate and close friend Anthony Jones honored his commitment to FIU yesterday which looked like a surprise on the surface, but I was told last night that Miami was only going to take Jones' commitment if it meant Phillips was coming too. The Canes staff liked Jones as a receiver, but they did not like him enough to warrant an offer by himself. I personally though Jones would have been a nice pickup for this class. He would have added a different dimension to the offensive class.

**Some good news for Miami - there is a lot of talk that 6-5 Maryland WR prospect Lawrence Cager will be choosing the Canes this weekend at the Army All-American game. On the field, Cager has an impressive frame and falls in the mold of big receivers that Coach Coley has shown he likes. He is not the most explosive prospect. In all likelihood that will be the line pickup for the Canes in that game.

**This might be tough for Canes fans to swallow. From everything I have been told on Tim Irvin, his heart is in Miami, but it is unlikely he winds up here. Multiple people around the Westminster program tell me that Texas and Auburn are basically his final 2 with Miami on the outside looking in. As I've posted on here a few times, Irvin's biggest question about Miami is his potential position coach Paul Williams.

**Miami has felt for a while that they would hold on to Jordan Scarlett despite rumors of a decommitment swirling since around the FSU game, but that seems more and more unlikely by the day. The school to look out for here is UF. Miami knows they are a real threat and Scarlett has been telling kids that the Gators have made a move for him. The end of Miami's season really hurt their chances with him. The Canes will get his first visit so unless they lock him up their and he shuts down his other visits, it will be tough to keep him.

**Potential decommitments from Scarlett and Dexter Williams leads to an interesting situation - would Miami make another run at Jordan Cronkrite? That is within the realm of possibility. Communication between the two sides have not been active recently, but there is no denying Miami likes his talent and character a lot. The real question is would Cronkrite listen? I think there is a decent chance that he would, although Miami would really need to clear the air about what happened earlier in the process. There is a chance those bridges might be burned, but we won't know until Miami reaches out. JaQuan Johnson has been in Cronkrite's ear all week at the Army All-American bowl practices.

**Quick side note - it is highly unlikely that Miami offers Jalen Julius.

**If there was any positive from the bowl game last Saturday, it's that this team is now officially Brad Kaaya and Chad Thomas' team. These two have already taken the step to become vocal leaders and many people within the program believe their winning mentality is just what this locker-room needs. Each of them have already been reaching out to other teammates individually and preparing them for the upcoming offseason program.

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**Da'Vante Phillips was always going to be a difficult pull for Miamk since early in the process. .

BULL****! He was a Miami fan ALL HIS DAMM LIFE!!!

Total depressing post. Amazing what we have become.
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Cager would be a nice pull but as Paranos brought up here his concussions are a major concern. Wouldn't be a surprise to me that many teams stopped recruiting him because of that potential problem.

He had to cancel his OV to Boston College because he suffered another concussion this fall. Soooo it is a recurring thing with him.

He had Concussion problems last fall (2013 Season) & didn't want to have that hold him back. Here is an article from Last Jan (2014)

He missed the last 7 games of his junior season (Fall 2013) because of concussion issues!

Here is the article from this November (2014) about his recurrent concussion this fall which prevented him from traveling.

He also cancelled his VaTech visit also due to Concussion issues as well

I wish the young man well in search for a college, he is a the poster child for higher risk vs high reward. An right now UM can't afford those risks in the next few years where every scholarship will need to count.

Go Canes
This is going to be the worst class we've had in years. Bravo Golden, your failure is reaching legendary status.
The writing is on the wall and nobody wants to come to thie sinking ship with Golden as coach
by the time this admin gets off its *** and fires Al this is gonna be a monster rebuild job.
No one wants to play for that recluse Paul Williams

Dude should be coaching at a community college
I've never seen Miami do so poorly locally.

Holy shlt. Not a **** soul wants to play for these ********.
So we are definitely losing the two best commitments in this class
Why does "The Work" only consist of information pertaining to the same 3-4 players?
Phillips interest was a total Troll., to try and build up a little suspense for his commitment. Some people bought into it. Scarlett will go to FSU or UF. Frazier is the hold up for FSU, and Scarlett would already be there if not for that. Question remains if Scarlett has had enough about being their 3rd choice. Williams will stay a Cane as well as Walton. So we are good there regardless.
One of the main concerns I have (mainly for the next coach) about our past two wrs classes is there is no speed on the outside. Brady, Langham, Cager, Chatman, and Gosier. Makes for a nice redzone unit but I don't believe any of these guys can consistently seperate off slants, digs, outs, posts, corners, etc.

Another major concern of my is the defensive line. The time for a JUCO Dlinemen has passed so are we planning to only add Mcintosh and Fines on the line. And fines is a kid we were not even that high on although Mcintosh is very legit. Patchan isn't a stick your hand in the ground guy and he's coming an acl. He would most likely be groomed for that jack role mccord plays. Jamie G. is a pure LB. It's pretty **** pathetic we had to redshirt Earl moore and Jelani hamiltion just to create more depth at Dline since we can't land anyone.

DB wise the last two years have been pretty **** bad too, aside for Jaquan. While we continue to let top south Florida db talent leave (Jc jackson, quincy wilson, Juwan dowels, davante Davis, Carlton davis, deandre baker, shelderick redwine, ronnie huggins, Tim irvin, Chris Lammons, Fenton, etc.) FSU has brought in 5 high 4* wrs in auden tate, davante phillips, Travis rudolph, ermon Lane, and george campbell (3 from our backyard).

Great work btw Peter