The More You Know...About The Spring Game

The More You Know...About The Spring Game

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

The Canes finish off spring practice with their 3rd and final scrimmage this weekend at SunLife Stadium. I'm here to let you know what to expect.

1. Where Miami finished in the standings/rankings:


The last time we saw Miami strap on the pads in anything resembling a game, we saw the good guys win a shootout against Duke. This game was a microcosm of our season. It was a game where we feasted on a crappy ACC defense, just to see our own crappy defense keep the other guys in it. Here's what we said in the recap:

From: Recap: Canes Beat Duke 52-45

Me said:
We only lose 2 starters from this team next year to graduation (Brandon McGee & Mike James). There's no telling what the sanctions will do to this team over the off season, but it will be better and have tons of experience on both sides of the ball. Last summer in my Season Preview, I said to expect a similar record to that of the 2008 team based on the amount of Freshman that were going to play. Well, both teams ended the regular season at 7-5. The following year UM went 9-3 in the regular season, and it's universally agreed that they underachieved. I'm not saying...I'm just saying.

Man. Look at the bold part. Remember when we felt like we had to self-impose a bowl ban to make us look better to the NCAA because they might hammer us if we don't?????


2. What happened the last time Miami played in a Spring Game?

From State of the U:

rayrayrayrayrayrayrayray said:
...Let's fast forward to today, where the Miami offense— spread across two teams— scored a total of 13 points. The quarterbacks threw four interceptions; they did not throw a touchdown. There is a strong possibility that Miami's offense is not going to be very good in 2012, but the "offense" at the Spring Game today is also not Miami's offense. Stephen Morris, the undisputed best quarterback on the team, did not participate, nor did Allen Hurns, who will likely enter the season as the nominal No. 1 receiver.

That right there should be enough to prove to you that this game doesn't amount to anything. As last years game showed, what you see in the spring doesn't exactly show you what we'll have in the fall. Although, this is the first year in a while where we pretty much have our entire 2 deep already on campus. So maybe we can take more from the results of this game than from previous ones.

3. Who other teams on our schedule should be scared of:


Duke Johnson

I know. I'm really going out on a limb on this one. All he did was win ACC Rookie of the year, and break UM's all-time record for rushing yards in a season by a freshman.

Meh. He didn't even break 1,000 yards rushing.

2/10; would not bang.

We've already seen from practice footage that he's making our own guys look silly. Expect more of the same from El Duce because you're ******* out and he's ******* in.


4. Player that will score this weekend:


Allen Hurns

He's only Morris' favorite target. When we wanted to go deep, Morris looked for Dorsett, Waters, or Scott. But when we got into the redzone last year, the receiver Morris targeted the most was Hurns. Dude is a senior now and doesn't want to let his momma down. Back-shoulder fade FTW. Book it.


5. Person that will **** you off:


Should be no one, but it will probably be someone on defense

Everyone has their own personal favorite whipping boy on this team. Mine is Kacy Rodgers. Everything is always his fault. Last summer it was Seantrel Henderson. Remember when everyone was crying about what an awful teammate he was, and went ahead and assumed he was off the team? Yeah, now everyone loves him for some interview he gave a couple of days ago. My point is this game is meaningless. As long as nobody suffers a longterm injury, it's a win for everybody.

6. Official Internet meme for the Spring Game:

That Really Rustled My Jimmies


For the love of Xenu, don't get all jammed up if the offense/defense looks awesome/looks like ****. Sure, if you want to critique someone, say...Stephen Morris' mechanics for not getting any better, that's valid. Just don't flip out if some red-shirt freshman that you developed a bromance for looks bad because he missed some block/tackle.


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Good stuff. Very valid points as well.
OP just gets it, nice write up.

Lets just get out of this game healthy..
That v-ball scene from top-gun got me rolling lol
I only need three things from the spring game to be happy: Stay healthy, block well, tackle well. That's it
for player that should score this weekend, it may have to be someone else. golden said hurns is a maybe for saturday
While I agree the spring game taught us little last year, that was probably more due to the fact that most of the team in the fall wasn't enrolled in the spring. When you consider how many freshman we ended up playing (and Stephen Morris was out), it shouldn't be a surprise we learned little. I expect this year's game to tell us much more
Dan fits in with our core values here at CanesInSight.
Dan & WTH would make an un-stoppable staff writer team on Eye in the Sky

I'm just sayin ......
Spring Game is like *** before your girl leaves for military deployment but will return in 5 months for 5 months of intense froclicking. Just saying :)
you didn't post prediction for the score.