The More You Know...About Savannah St.

The More You Know...About Savannah St.

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
After enjoying a bye week following the victory over Florida, the Canes get back on the field this week against their only FCS opponent this year in Savannah St.


Savannah St. made headlines last year for their 2 blowout losses to Oklahoma St. and Florida St. I suppose it is better being famous for losing rather than being sued for racial discrimination (particularly as an HBC). The Oklahoma St. loss was so brutal it forced coach Mike Gundy to plead his case to the media that he didn't run up the score on the way to an 84-0 victory. Pretty sad when an opposing coach has to honestly say, "dude, they just suck".

The loss was so bad that they were promptly named a record 70.5 point underdog for their next game against Florida St. That spread dropped all the way down to 69.5 by kickoff though. The game ended up being 55-0, but it was called due to lighting with over 24 minutes remaining in the game. Talk about a mercy rule.

The point I'm trying to drive home here is that Savannah St. doesn't just suck, they're an embarrassment to the game itself. Their AD knows this and is purposely scheduling these games for the money like most FCS schools do. As bad as they apparently are, I bet they have less turnovers than Florida did against us.

1. Where they are in the standings/rankings:

Holy crap they're bad. Now of course a
MEAC school is generally going to suck when facing FBS competition. But these guys are coming off back to back blowouts to Georgia Southern (77-9) and Troy (66-3). Works for me. I for one am glad we're playing them. If we're going to play an FCS opponent, I want the most potato-y one there is on our schedule. The whole point of these games is to ensure a blowout and get your backups and freshmen into the game for some burn to keep them happy.

2. What happened the last time Savannah St. played in a game?


From the Associated Press:

SAVANNAH, Ga.-- Antonio Bostick passed for two scores and ran for another as Savannah State came from behind to win 27-20 against Fort Valley State on Saturday night. Savannah State (1-2) earned its first win of the season in the home opener for the Tigers. Fort Valley State (0-2) built a 13-0 lead before Lereginald Veals jump-started the Savannah State offense with a 92-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

Bostick threw a 26-yard TD pass to
Simon Heyward to tie the game at 13-13 before the Wildcats regained the lead in the third quarter. In the fourth, Bostick completed a touchdown pass to tie the game at 20-20 and then scored on a 1-yard touchdown run with less than five minutes left to complete the comeback. The Wildcats generated 425 yards of total offense compared with 243 for the Tigers, but were hurt by three interceptions.

See Gators, if you turn the football over, it doesn't matter how many yards you have. No matter what level it is the bottom line is the's about points. Anyways, this was just Savannah State's 4th win since the start of the 2010 season. Woof. Man, If these guys gave up over 400 yards against Fort Valley St., what are we going to do? This game is gonna be like watching one of the Hostel movies.

3. Who to be scared of:


Who the **** knows?

I'd go with whoever their QB is, but they've played 4 different ones thus far 3 games into the season.

Against Georgia Southern:C/ATTYDSAVGTDINT
Zach Hutchenson11/261284.912
Leon Prunty5/18341.901

Leon Prunty7/12786.500
Zach Hutchenson4/9505.600
Victorian Hardison1/451.301

Against Fort Valley St.:C/ATTYDSAVGTDINT
Antonio Bostick15/332266.822
Leon Prunty0/200.000

Those stats are just brutal. And it's not like they were facing BCS caliber defenses in those games either. Believe me, the rushing totals are worse. They have 52 yards rushing on the season through 3 games. That's not an's the rushing total on 63 carries (0.83 yards per carry).

Since I have a 25% chance of being right I'll guess that Prunty gets the nod at QB. He's the only one that has played in every game. Here he is in high school:




The mystery has been solved. After some top-notch internetting by yours truly I've figured out the QB situation at Savannah St. Expect Antonio Bostick to start. He was their starter last year and had to serve a 2 game suspension for the Georgia Southern and Troy games because of some NCAA violations. He runs their "Air Raid" offense, for whatever that's worth.

4. Player that will score against us:


Kris Drummond

As you guys have figured out by now, the "Player that will score against us", is generally tongue in cheek. Especially this week because Drummond is the only player to score a touchdown in Savannah State's 2 games against FBS opponents. He caught a 5 yard TD pass from backup QB Zach Hutchenson against Georgia Southern. He's 6-5 and 215 lbs. for whatever that's worth. LOL, here's him in high school:


I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of myself that I found that.

5. Person that will **** you off:


Earnest Wilson

Savannah State's head coach won't really **** you off, so much as he'll make you feel sorry for him that he has to bring his team out on the field against us. I don't know about you, but I hate having to feel sympathy for an opponent. My feels get all mixed up. Expect a lot of expressions from him like the one pictured above whenever the camera is fixed on him.

6. Official internet meme for this game:

It's over 9,000!!!



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So, we're playing the likes of the S.C.L.S.U. Mud Dogs before Bobby Boucher.
booker t would beat these guys right?
I think this is one of those games where EVERYONE plays......,..........................except Olsen..
We will empty the bench early in this game. I'd be surprised if our starters play in the second half. The fun of a game like this is seeing the freshman and backups.

I love your posts but this was a waste of time. I truly think our scout team with practice could be them by 20.

Stay healthy, get the first team offense some reps and then play plenty of the following: Sandland, Coley, Edwards, Blue, Moore, Kamalu, AQM, Kirby, Burns and Crawford.

Get these guys some reps.

If we score 100, it doesn't matter.

If we win by only 30, it doesn't matter.

Get the offense some practice, stay healthy and get the other guys some reps. Same thing next week against USF.