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The More You Know...About Kansas St.

The More You Know...About Kansas St.

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

The Canes are 1-0, but now they gotta get ready for Kansas St. (1-0). Let's take a look at what we're in for.

Two crazy things about this game (and last years) was that former Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt was approached by Kansas St. to cancel this series when Bill Snyder was re-hired. Snyder detests big non-conference games against quality opponents. Hocutt told them no, citing that an acceptable replacement couldn't be found in time. What? Was Charleston Southern booked already?. We're still paying a price for that guys ass-hattery in more ways than one. Oh and remember this?


Where, besides Miami, would you ever see a game delayed because of a swarm of dragonflies? Get the **** out of here man. We should be so lucky if dragonflies were our biggest concern this Saturday.

1. Where they are in the standings/rankings:

AP Poll:
1Alabama (45)
Record: 1-0
PV Rank
2USC (11)
Record: 1-0
3LSU (4)
Record: 1-0
Record: 1-0
Big 12
Record: 1-0
6Florida State
Record: 1-0
Record: 1-0
Record: 1-0
9West Virginia
Big 12
Record: 1-0
9South Carolina
Record: 1-0
11Michigan State
Big Ten
Record: 1-0
Record: 1-0
Big Ten
Record: 1-0
14Ohio State
Big Ten
Record: 1-0
15Virginia Tech
Record: 1-0
Big Ten
Record: 1-0
Big 12
Record: 1-0
18Oklahoma State
Big 12
Record: 1-0
Big Ten
Record: 0-1
Big 12
Record: 0-0
Kansas St.

Big 12

Record: 1-0
22Notre Dame
Division I FBS Independents
Record: 1-0
Big East
Record: 1-0
Record: 1-0
Record: 1-0

Our first ranked opponent of the year (21st). Last year we thought we were going to smash these guys...yikes. Now they're ranked and we're chest bumping because we put 41 on Boston College. Kansas St. is coming off a win over Missouri St. Here's what people who are dumb enough to care said about it:
AP said:
The Wildcats and Bears traded field goals throughout the first 30 minutes, and nationally ranked Kansas State had just a 9-6 advantage going into halftime.
It was not until 7:06 remained in the third quarter that the Wildcats got the ball into the end zone, and the 18-yard strike from Klein to Chris Harper proved to be the turning point - Missouri State simply couldn't keep up with the Wildcats' sudden scoring.
The late surge that followed let a sellout crowd of 50,007 to relax, assured Kansas State wouldn't need more late-game antics in an opener against a middling opponent. It took a late TD pass from Klein to beat Eastern Kentucky last season.

Read that last sentence in the quoted section again, don't be fooled by the bad start Kansas St. had. Remember how confident we were last year? "Lulz...they barely beat Eastern Kentucky!" Don't fall for that **** again.

2. What happened the last time Miami played Kansas St.?


From the Palm Beach Post:
Jorge Millian said:
UM (1-2) had four chances to score the go-ahead touchdown from Kansas State's 2-yard line in the game's waning moments. An incomplete pass and two runs by tailback Mike James were unsuccessful, setting up fourth-and-goal.
According to Harris, the final play had three options: a shovel pass, a pass to the corner of the end zone or a quarterback keeper. Harris chose the last option after finding his receivers covered.
"If he's going to run it there, he has to score," coach Al Golden said.
Harris didn't.
No game is won or lost on one play, but that whole goal-to-go series was Exhibit A in the case that the team was too weak at the point of attack. UM was down 14-3 at the half, and Jacory fought off boos from the crowd and started leading us back. Problem was the defense couldn't get off the field, a recurring theme last year (and last week). The most embarrassing moment to me was when Collin Klein pulled a fucking Tebow jump-pass out of his rear end for a touchdown. The pass went right over Ramon Buchanan, who looked like he wanted to kill himself after it happened.

3. Who to be scared of:


Collin Klein

Jesus tap-dancing Christ this isn't even a debate. Klein was balls deep in D'Onofrio's mouth
last year. We had no answer for him whatsoever and I expect more of the same. He was 12/18 for 133 yards and 2 touchdowns. Nothing big down the field, most of his passing yards came on these option passes out of the zone read where he holds the ball until the last minute, and then passes to someone in the flat. Combine that with his 22 carries for 96 yards and 1 rushing touchdown, and you've got a 6'5" 226lbs. monster under center. His biggest play occurred on 3rd and long, backed up inside his own 5 yard line. He just decides to pick up the 1st down by scrambling right up the middle...untouched...for a 26 yard gain.

4. Player that will score against us:


John Hubert

The way our defense showed complete disregard for backs coming out of the backfield, and leaving them wide open in the flats against Boston College, this is a pretty easy choice. Hubert was 30 yards shy of 1,000 this past season. If that wasn't enough to convince you, his 18 carries for 166 yards and a touchdown against us last time should be all you need to know that this guy is going hurt us. He's not that big (5'7" 191lbs.) but that didn't seem to matter when he raced for a 47 yard run down the sideline against us last year.

5. Person that will piss you off:


Arthur Brown

This has nothing to do with him as a person (other than allegedly beating the **** out of his girlfriend while at Miami) and everything to do with how well he's played since transferring. Dude was an honorable mention for All-American and 1st team all big-12 back in pre-season. This guy couldn't buy playing time here, that's how little Randy Shannon thought of him. I'm getting angry about Randy again just thinking about it. You will too when he makes some huge stop on 3rd down this Saturday. On second thought, **** Arthur. This asshole ratted us out for **** he took from Shapiro and then sang like a canary once the NCAA came calling. Eat a bag of dicks ****-face. Dammit I'm mad. By the way, did you know that, "dammit I'm mad" is "dammit I'm mad" spelled backwards?


6. Official Internet meme for this game:

Bill O'Reilly You Can't Explain That


Kansas State has opened up as a 7 point favorite, sounds about right. This game could get ugly, but I think we'll see a repeat of last year where it comes down to the final possession. We'll see.


Comments (39)

Bravo, good sir. Well done.
The fact that they had 4 attempts to score inside their 2 yard line and could not convert is an indictment on everyone involved and would easily be considered one of the biggest choke jobs in the program's history if anyone gave three shits about Kansas St.
<~~~ Mind is Blow'd Up (Emmitt Smith Style)

Kind of sums up Jacory's time here in Miami
Werent't we -13 last year or some **** like that? Btw, awesome post
Nice stuff Dan. KState will face a much better QB and their pass defense is suspect. We have more big play people and if we can score in a hurry and they cant that will be the difference in the game.
I can't decide what part of this matchup annoys me the most -- Arthur, Klein, or having to HOPE we can avenge a loss to KANSAS ST!
"KState will face a much better QB and their pass defense is suspect. We have more big play people and if we can score in a hurry and they cant that will be the difference in the game." -----Sabrose
If our defense can't make a stand a few times we're in for a long game.

Thinking about A.Brown talking to the NCAA makes me want to 1) puke and 2) kick people named A.Brown in the face.
Also, if these guys aren't fired up to avenge the loss to them last year, nothing will fire them up. This, like the VT game, is something they should've won. If it comes down to the last few plays, I give us the favor. We showed that we don't quit, and that's a good thing.
You have to be yard better this year, we just have to be.
Good stuff Dan. Very good stuff. I think the play that stands out in my mind is the 3rd and 23(i think) conversion for K State. We had them pinned down in their territory. We had just scored and had old mo on our side. Klein just balls up the middle for like 26 yards untouched.

This was another game where we had no clue in how to defend them. They had our coach D-less on his heels. they ran when we expected pass, and passed when we played the run. They played spin the bottle with our LB's and DB's. It was ugly.
Not sure where you were going with that bit about Hocutt at the beginning. Seems that you were implying:

A) We had any idea before last year's game that K State would be a force to be reckoned with

B) Miami should avoid good teams

I imagine playing K State means more revenue than a Charleston Southern, and Miami should never back down from a tough fight. That's not the Miami football I know (but has been the state of things since the loss to LSU). Regardless of our wins and losses, playing good teams will only make us better, and playing Kline is a good prep for Logan Thomas, whom I hope we destroy.

Otherwise really enjoyed the post.
Some questions about Coach D will certainly be answered this week.

Klein is now a known commodity. We saw him once and he obliterated us.

Your move coach.
Balls deep in D'Onofrio spelled backwards is Dammit I'm Mad.