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The meeting that nudged Jobe to 'shut it down'

The meeting that nudged Jobe to 'shut it down'

Peter Ariz
Miami got news virtually as good as a commitment on Wednesday night when Josh Jobe announcing that he is all in with his pledge to the Hurricanes. Jobe was previously being associated heavily with Alabama.


CanesInSight has the inside story as Jobe solidified his commitment tonight.

Jobe arrived on campus around 4 in the afternoon on Wednesday with his father for what turned out to be a 2 and a half hour meeting. Once on campus, they met with Mark Richt, safeties coach Ephraim Banda, two academic advisors, and a career advisor.

As has been widely reported, Jobe will play at the prep school Cheshire Academy in Connecticut next season since he will be over he age limit to play at the high school level in Florida. Miami's number one focus today was ensuring Jobe that they have set forth the academic plan for him to finalize his proper credits over the next year.

Richt was in the meeting for about 30 minutes while Banda, who has been instrumental in the recruitment, sealed the deal. This is another massive win for the Canes on the recruiting trail.

Jobe told CanesInSight that he is all in with his commitment.

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Richt is the pimp and Banda is the key holder to the castle.
Huge. This dude is big time and other guys will recognize that
Canes Fans: recruit the state of Miami well and we will win!

Pastor Richt: or..... just take the whole damn state.
Waiting for the FIU fan and Butch fangirl to say that they don't trust Jobe.
I wonder what sort of spin the gheyturds and alabaga fans will put on this story to help themselves sleep at night.
Richt made a perfect hire with banda recruiting wise. He's a former bartender so you know he's very personable and can talk very well with people