The Bank (6/28)

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The run on commitments is underway. Several names identified on last week's Bank (Amari Wallace, Ezekiel Marcelin, Chris Ewald) have already popped. Here is the latest, most direct information on the state of Miami recruiting:

- DE Herbert Scroggins (Savannah, GA) announces at 11 AM. My pick is Miami. He is a top-of-the-board target and has been for months. Legit 6'3 with an ideal frame for a standup backer.

- Miami is in a very strong position for Hylton "Drake" Stubbs (Jacksonville) following his decommitment from USC.

- Miami is in very good position for two names at the top of the board: DB DJ Pickett (Riverview, FL) and DE Iose Epenesa (Edwardsville, IL). Of the prime-time targets, CB Ben Hanks is probably the most uphill battle (Florida legacy). While I hope we don't lose any battles, the "best" team to win those battles is Florida. They will likely collapse on the field and reopen their class again.

- Miami is continuing to fight for top defensive backs. Two battles to watch closely: DB Bryce Fitzgerald (who may have his best upside as a corner based on recent showings) and CB Aidan Anding (Ruston, LA).

- The Canes remain the top team for WR Daylyn Upshaw (Phenix City, AL). They felt good about WR Tyler Williams (Seffner) and WR Josh Moore (West Broward) last week. Williams trended to UGA after our last update because he had a great visit to Georgia. Moore's recruitment has been filled with twists and turns, and Miami will continue to recruit him.

- The internal expectation is that Miami’s WR class will end up like the DL class last year. Cam Ward’s on-field success should play a big part in that.

- I still like Miami for LB Gavin Nix (IMG).

- The DT board is more up-in-the-air than Crystal Balls would indicate. As I noted on yesterday's Canes Connection call, watch Georgia Tech for Derry Norris (Spruce Creek). Walter Mathis is a battle with the SEC. There is good momentum with Jarquez Carter (Newberry) but that is also a battle.

- Miami would love to finish their OL class with either OC Cortez Smith (Liliburn, GA) or OC SJ Alofaituli (Las Vegas).

- As of now, I expect RB Girard Pringle (Seffner) to be the only RB in the class.

- Miami is in a good place with CB Jaboree Antoine (New Iberia) but that will be an ongoing battle.

- I'm told 2026 QB Dereon Coleman (Orlando) was the best passer over Michael Clayton (Sanford) and Tait Reynolds (Arizona) at last week's camp. I expect him to be Miami's 2026 QB.


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Do you think they’d take SJ and Smith if they wanted in, and if so would it push Muex?

(Also, not important but believe you put Antoine’s hometown for Upshaw, he’s a Phenix City kid)
Need to keep adding to that WR room. Dallas Wilson would be the prize I guess based on what’s occurring as of now
I'm not someone who needs it but this does appear to be a class with a different approach. Not a ton of "whales" that we appear to be after.
Why only 1 rb? A smaller back at that…
Pre-portal, I always felt you should take 2 RBs because of injury risk. Now with the risk of portals (out) and injury, I really don’t like only taking 1 unless they’re gambling on being able to land a portal RB again if they have to.
That is all well and good, but would it also help to see Emory in for mop-up duty, to show that we at least have a moderate answer for 2025? Or does Ward being the guy make it more likely that we go Portal next year for QB (and show the recruits that we can land a quality one-year-rental)?
You can bet the house that our 2025 QB is not on roster at this time. They will go big whale hunting in the portal for it. 2026 then it could be different.