The Bank (11/17)

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Transcript please

Nothing crazy....
Fletcher was expected to decommit, going to be a battle;
Kyron Jones (NC State RB Commit) is a guy to watch, he is a 10.6 guy, 6'0 190lbs, lots of raw tools
Biggest moves likely being made on DL, both DT and DE mentioned only specifically mentioned Xavier McCloud as a guy they are still pressing but to look out for portal and HS high ranked guys names maybe popping up.
OL mentioned Samson, just going to be a battle.

Spoke a little about the UF/UM battles being highlighted by media. Said Miami looks at it as if we have a hot wife, of course she is going to be hit on, our kids are champ. caliber so lots of people will try to flip, however us and others think UF's class is garbage aside from a few DB's we like so we are not looking to raid their class.