Spring Practice 4/10 - Early Portion Notes

Spring Practice 4/10 - Early Portion Notes

Stefan Adams
**As expected, nothing has changed in terms of the QB rotation since the scrimmage on Saturday. It's still (1) Malik Rosier, (2) N'Kosi Perry, and (3) Jarren Williams. Cade Weldon remains out with what the team is terming an eye infection.

**Routes today: post up the middle of the field, out route to the sidelines, and bubble screens.

**The story of the day was the offensive line. Stacy Searels was not happy with his unit giving up tons of sacks during the Saturday scrimmage, and as a result spent the morning mixing and matching to try and find the right combination.

From left to right, the first team to open was: (LT) St. Louis (LG) Jones (C) Gauthier (RG) Mahoney (RT) Donaldson

Second team to start was: (LT) Brown (LG) Scaife (C) Gaynor (RG) Campbell (RT) Hillery

**Like mentioned, there was heavy rotation with the first team to see which lineup can really gel. Brown was getting reps at first team RT with Donaldson at RG and Mahoney out. In another look, Mahoney and Scaife were sharing reps at first team center, with Gauthier at RG. It appears to be a work in progress to see which unit can come together and perform for Searels.

**On defense, BJ Jennings was rotating in and getting some first team burn today at MLB.

**Ed Reed was out observing practice today. One security guard actually questioned him because he wasn't wearing a credential, so you know we've got top notch security out here at Greentree.

**In a change of team policy, there will be no players made available to the media this week, only coaches. Players will be available to talk after the spring game however.

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The Searles Shuffle? I kid, I kid...

I hope.
I think rosier is good enough to get us another ten wins minimum, add in consistent online play and that can add one or two more...
Getting 3-4 loss vibes from this team again, sadly.
I'm thinking St. Louis - Scaife - gauthier - Mahoney - Donaldson will be starting come LSU
That Cager "crackhead speed" comment got them changing policies.
I’m not.

More shaky O-line? Reports of poor running lanes? Rosier? Regressed defense? Still yet to see a QB look fluid in this offense. I'll believe it when I see it and ill temper my expectations as well.
Getting 3-4 loss vibes from this team again, sadly.

I'm not excited about this upcoming year. The offense just has me down. I'm not feeling the QB play or the play calling, and when you combine that with Diaz, I am feeling an upcoming 4 loss season
Jones still starting... I don't know if the light finally came on or we really suck at guard
That security guard needs to be fired immediately. If homie don't know who Ed Reed is, he's either a gaytor, or he's stupid af. Either way, we can't have him. Reminds me of the Casino scene where DeNiro fires the gambling commission boss's nephew who was supposed to be in charge when the slot machines went wild. "He's either in on it, or he's incompetent, either way, I can't have him".

************ can't be asking the GOAT for credentials.... GTFOH.

Could Jahir Jones be the next frontrunner for the "Mike Jackson" award this year? Say it aint so! That would be a game changer if that light came on for this kid.

That said, we really need a big time talent infusion at LT/RT. Our Guard play looks to be stout. But we cant seem to find any Tackles it looks like. St Louis seems to have his spot held down. But behind him there is nobody and opposite him we are just throwing bodies to see who can not get Rosier killed. Smh. Thank God its the Spring.