Signing Day Profile: P Louis Hedley

Signing Day Profile: P Louis Hedley

Stefan Adams
2019 City College of San Francisco (CA) P Louis Hedley was able to sign early with Miami tonight due to the time difference of living in his native Australia. He is the 14th signee of Surge19.

The 6-4 215 pounder is currently a consensus 3-star according to the 247 Composite. He is considered the #1 JUCO punter in the country, the #231 overall player in the JUCO ranks, and the #52 JUCO recruit in California.

Recruiting Story

Hedley is a JUCO prospect that received his Miami offer in late October and he wasted little time, accepting his scholarship on the spot. Hedley waited a week to announce his intentions publicly because he wanted to wait until he was back visiting his home country of Australia to make his choice known. The Canes were the only D-I program to offer Hedley a full-ride scholarship.

Hedley has a unique backstory and his path to Miami is one that is certainly less travelled. Back in March of 2017, he was a 22 year old construction worker that was kicking with an academy in Melbourne called “ProKick Australia” and playing Australian Rules Football in his spare time. ProKick is an academy that has sent over 60 punters to the college ranks via the JUCO route and soon enough, Hedley was set up in California at City College of San Francisco for the 2017 season.

Hedley showed some of his skills as a freshman in San Francisco in 2017, punting 45 times with an average of 38.6 yards and landing eight punts inside the 20-yard line. At 6’4” 215 pounds, Hedley is also an exceptional athlete for a punter and ran three times for 75 yards on fake punts, including a long run of 56 yards. He redshirted in 2018 to retain eligibility at his eventual 4-year college, so he’s been working on his game behind the scenes for the past year.


On tape, Hedley shows technical skill as a directional punter that can angle punts out of bounds and pin his opponents deep in their own territory with great accuracy. However, his power is still a work in progress, as a 38.6 ypp average is nothing to write home about. In terms of hangtime, Hedley is average at best, as most of his kicks feature a rugby-style, side run-up when kicking that results in a lot of line drives. He does demonstrate the ability to get good hangtime when he is stationary punting in practice, though. In sum, he has a promising leg with potential, but is not a finished product by any means and will have to continue to work on his form to get the most out of his ability.

The Team

Hedley is the only punter in Surge19. Any Miami fan paying attention to the team this season knows UM has struggled mightily in the punting game and in flipping the field for opponents. It’s become such a huge problem that it likely actively cost Miami a game or two in 2018, so kudos to Miami for getting out there and trying to fix the problem.

Redshirt Probability: 0/10

UM’s primary punter of the last two seasons in Zach Feagles has left the team, so Hedley will come into the program this summer as a redshirt sophomore to compete with the senior Jack Spicer and the Aussie will likely be considered the favorite to open the 2019 season as Miami’s punter. Hedley will have to make the adjustment to major college ball, and he actually had the exact same punting average in JUCO that Feagles had his freshman season at UM, so this is not a slam dunk by any means. Only time will tell if he’s made improvements in his year off the field. Still, Hedley can’t be much worse than what we’ve been seeing on the field at Miami for the past two seasons and will get every shot to win the job.


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Well not enamored with his average but hopefully someone can teach him to uptick that to 45ypp average. He does that and he’s our kicker for the next 3yrs
38.6 is rather concerning. Hopefully, he improves on that this Spring and isn’t needed much on August 31st.
Waiting for @Lance Roffers breakdown. 🙏

Maaaaannn, I was always running down punts, not watching the punter! (We can’t all be the DI QB like @Roman Marciante )

In all seriousness, I can bring the math on expected points that an average, good, elite punting game would bring us, but as far as kicking/punting technique, I’m not qualified for that. He looks like he could bring some Bosher hits though.
Literally can’t be worse than what we had to deal with for the last two years. Not expecting this guy to be Pat O’Donnell or Justin Vogel, just don’t **** our d over like Feagles did.
Enos is gonna make him a TE.

J/K. Looks like he's very accurate with very good hangtime, and if he's able to improve his distance avg, we've magically flipped the punting game in one offseason. Looking forward to seeing this guy truckin' fools Bosher style.