QB Kaaya discusses Miami commitment

QB Kaaya discusses Miami commitment

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
As early as last week, West Hills, California QB Brad Kaaya was planning on making his college decision in June. Today, Kaaya is a Miami Hurricane.

"I've been considering it with my parents and I was talking with my mom on Mother's Day and we figured out that Miami, Alabama, LSU, Florida State, USC, and Ohio State are the face of college football from the past two decades. There's nothing bigger than playing for Miami and I was high on their board. It's a great staff and they had genuine feel," said Kaaya.

Now that he's committed, Kaaya is turning his focus to his football season.

"It feels good to get it lifted off my chest. I didn't want to spend all summer with the recruiting. I want to win a championship so this is big for me and my team. I see a lot of potential in this class. Kc McDermott and Joe Yearby are a couple guys I've seen so we can do some big things for sure."

Something that helped influence his decision in favor of Miami was seeing the team up close.

"I went to practice and saw guys like (Phillip) Dorsett and Duke Johnson. They have some great athletes in that Dade County area. I talked to Stacy Coley when I was down there and seeing highlights of guys like that opens my eyes."

A topic of discussion lately has been the number of quarterbacks that Miami has been after in this recruiting class, including Alin Edouard being committed.

"I've seen him (Edouard) play and he's a good athlete. There's competition everywhere and Kevin Olsen is a class ahead of me. Ryan Williams is there, Gray Crow, Preston Dewey are there too. The one who wins will be the intellectual guy to lead the team down the field."

Although this move could attract other top programs, Kaaya says that Miami getting on him early was a huge factor for him.

"I'm sure other schools will reach out, but Coach Coley reached out first. I don't wanna go somewhere that I was their 2nd or 3rd pick. I'd rather be a priority, not a possibility."

Kaaya is already feeling the effects of the FSU-Miami rivalry.

"Some FSU fans were tweeting saying I'm only a 2-star and stuff like that. They were saying if I would have committed to FIU that it would have been a big deal. It's just a part of the rivalry."

**The last name "Kaaya" has been traced back to Hawaii, Far East Asia, and East Africa.

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Love his attitude and love that he really focused on getting to know his future teammates so I think he's been locked in on UM for a while
Fsu fans are a bunch of douchers!
You know a QB looking at the Oline class and saying **** yeah I want to play behind that. Lol

Love this kids game and next year it's going be GREAT competition in the Spring. Hopefully Alin or Rosier could be an EE as well.
I hope that when he visits he can bring other Cali recruits to try to get us an advantage on them
Not surprising the star whores at FSU were talking ****.

They are obsessed with us.
Hope Brad reaches out to all of our OL commits and Yearby... I want this class to start building some camaraderie before they even step foot on campus, or even sign their LOI for that matter. I want them to feel like they are a family before they join the bigger family of the entire team. I think it would keep kids from committing and decommitting also.

Maybe they should make a facebook group (the 10 or so of them that are currently committed) and add kids that commit along the way. They could bond and really get a feel for each other and i think it would be a great thing.
Wow, a kid that realizes that staying behind a nasty o line is a good idea...Good Job Pete!
Toretta and Dorsey, Norcal kids who went east to Coral Gables and won championships, is Kaaya the next Californian to follow their footsteps? 8)
Great work Pete, can't wait to see this kid live.