Practice Report 8-7

Practice Report 8-7

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
-The players in the mix for kick returns today were Dorsett, McGee, Antonio Crawford, Malcolm Lewis, and Herb Waters. Crawford took one all the way.

-Ereck Flowers is still running with the 1st team. The 1st team O-Line from left to right is looking like this right now: Bunche-Felicano-McDermott-Linder-Flowers.

-Seantrel was with the 3s.

-The second team DBs were looking like this for most of the day: McGee-Davis-Highsmith-Bush.

-McGee was relegated to the 2nd team and Ladarius Gunter was on the 1st team along with Tracy Howard. Gunter intercepted a deep ball thrown by Ryan Williams.

-There were some impressive performances by the defensive line today. Shayon Green had a couple of sacks. Jelani Hamilton was playing with an attitude and got into the backfield multiple times for stops… DeQuan Ivery was a beast in goal-line work. He stopped nearly every run up the middle in goal-line situational work.

-A surprise in the LB group was Thurston Armsbrister, who was playing alongside Denzel and Buchanon on the 1st unit. Eddie Johnson also got some 1st team snaps and was very active. Denzel was all over the field like usual.

-Mike James broke a long TD run that was set up by a huge block by Maurice Hagens. Hagens also caught a number of balls out of the backfield.

-There was a lot of good action in the goal-line situational work. Ivery was a monster as I mentioned before. Perhaps the most exciting play of the day was when a fade was thrown to the back of the endzone to Herb Waters with Deon Bush in coverage and Bush went up at the highest point to knock it away. It was a great showing of his athletic abilities.

-There was a scrum between Brandon McGee and a receiver. It was on a run play and McGee was being blocked. The two had to be separated by teammates and coaches.

-In a slow day offensively, the best showing on that side of the ball was Robert Lockhart. He had 2 or 3 touchdowns in goal-line work and made acrobatic catches doing so. They threw the ball out to the perimeter a couple times to him as well and he made defenders miss on the screen.

-Dallas Crawford continues to make an impact in the running game. He may be involved in the offense more than people expect this season.

-Overall, it was a fast-paced practice today that the defensive side of the ball dominated for the most part. Gunter was very impressive in coverage and there weren’t many passes completed downfield. Neither QB was overly impressive. Two guys that continue to see very rare reps are Ricardo Williams and Jalen Grimble.

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Neither QB was overly impressive.
smh, ten years running now
McGee...I am sure is still ****ed about losing the Black Shirt to Tracey.....whatever it takes
Been saying Crawford @ KR for a long long time now. He looks the part and is plenty fast.
Ivery looks like a tank he is huge and duke was taking punts early but was a wearing a red jersey...

Peter when do you think Duke will lose the red jersey ?
i want to see this defense actually start hitting people and tackling them instead of ****y tackling most guys. The increased size and depth will hopefully bring that back to this team. when a team is afraid or concerned about getting hit they will drop more passes obviously. no one has been worried about going across the middle on us in a long time.
Any idea of Duke with the red jersey Peter?

I was hoping Grimble would turn into more of a player.
Grimble has to be the most dissapointing kid on the team at the moment. I thought we were stealing a beast from USC...smh. I hope he can turn it around.
Great stuff, Pete. Easy on Grimble. He will break through soon enough.
DB's and WR's fighting at practice.....we are headed in the right direction. Tenacity baby!!!!!
Looks like he had a migraine...

"Another five-star freshman, Randy “Duke” Johnson out of Miami Norland High, was in a red no-contact jersey Tuesday. Johnson, who still participated in drills, suffers from occasional migraines, and got a whopper a couple days ago. He was feeling a lot better Tuesday, but UM coaches were being cautious by keeping him in the red jersey, a source familiar with the situation said. Doctors are aware of the situation."

Read more here:

Ivery looks like a tank he is huge and duke was taking punts early but was a wearing a red jersey...

Peter when do you think Duke will lose the red jersey ?