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Pope to sign Wednesday

Pope to sign Wednesday

Peter Ariz
Just to clear up any confusion about Mark Pope’s situation... although it is still in question if he will be able to enroll in January, Pope will still sign on Wednesday morning.

A Southridge coach reached out to me this morning and confirmed that Pope will still sign on Wednesday — the school is preparing all of the paperwork for the prospects who will sign on Wednesday.


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Music to my ears. Top 5 WR in the country. Donk gonna mold him.
So in other words. Everyone freaking out about his tweet yesterday, calm your moobs.
He can play Z right away. AR, Pope on the outside with Thomas in the slot is $$$
Really hope he can get in early. He could be a big asset early if he does
Awesome. Now lets get a QB ready to throw them the ball!
And the Vatican smiled.

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Charlton has been leaning toward Indiana lately. That one will be interesting.
Cager better play his size finally or he’s gone end his career here on the bench. We got some dawgs coming, step it up.
Look at Indiana getting into S FL....smart.