PODCAST: The Heavyweight Champ ft. DMoney, Austin Pfenninger and Lance Roffers

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Great show, as Hammer once said - 'Lets get it started'...
Two legends on the pod! Much appreciated fellas!
Bro am I the only one that heard “offensive coordinators getting fired, head coach can’t read” at 4:37. He said it so subtly but it made me bust out laughing.
Great episode!

I burst out laughing at the Taggart disses. Also, props to Austin for starting his career in style.
Wow, D money's confidence never fails to inspire me
Great podcast D$! Would love a wrap up podcast after the beatdown the Canes are putting on LSwho. Give us your take on the many scores, the turnovers and the new TO chain, and whatever else the beluga flows brotha!
These night games are killing me! I need a pod on actually game day to get me though it!