PODCAST: The Heavyweight Champ ft. DMoney, Austin Pfenninger and Lance Roffers

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This was right in time since I couldn’t sleep.
This N*G&@ D$ with the Intros 😂🤣 FUXK IT LETS RIDE 😈💯
On willie taggart: "Puttin' out quotes that belong on a throw pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond. Dancin' around like a god**** fool."

"You can't get lower than where florida is right now. They're on their second 4-win season in 5 years. You can combine those two seasons, and you're still not making the Outback Bowl."

[face down in the casket]
Kill Bill movies were great. Time to strike off LSU.
@DMoney love your openings Can’t wait for Sunday!, Thanks again for all you do for the fans!
The Bed, Bath, and Beyond line.....

Tell Austin to get an accountant for his group. He tells us to put the kids college fund on the Canes, we’re 3.5 point favorites. Then he picks us to win 17-14. Lol
Win by 14-17, not the final score. Easiest money you’ll ever make
Ohhhhhh. Got it. Maybe I’m the guy that needs the accountant. Love the optimism. Got score around 31-17 myself. Good stuff
The Beluga Gold was flowing so maybe I misspoke, I’ll have to re-listen, but that was at least the intended wording
Late last season we got beat up. Remember at the beginning of 2017, we had dudes, but we couldn't lose too many and certainly not at certain spots. We lost alot and at key spots like Herndon. People are judging us on the last 3 games only. We could have easily finished 12-1, of course we couldhave lost v GT so 11-2. In any case what I'm saying is this team is not far and talent keeps coming in and getting better. We have two things once i see them i know we are totally there. Being able to get 3,4,5 yards on the ground against any team consistently and being able to dominate a game with our down 4. I know its coming, the question is how quickly. The skills positions are stacked with dudes. Ready for the season, last season at the rock was the most fun i had as a canes fan, atmosphere wise.

Btw i think Deejay Dallas has the potential to win the Heisman, he just has that vibe about him.
Haha cheeky "slip-up" when Roffers was talking about avoiding comparing LSU to schools who don't have "similar budget... uhh similar recruiting resources"
Who is Travis Homer's girl?

The one with the "phat bottom". (not my quote!)
Did I just hear a Loose Ends "Hangin on a String" intro!! Dmoney you are digging in the crates and I like it! (Great podcast. I'm amped. I got big money on the spread so I'm ready)