PODCAST: The Bottom ft. DMoney

PODCAST: The Bottom ft. DMoney

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

DMoney joins the show.


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Ah Yeeeeeeahhhhhh!!!!! I was waiting for this! Let me go grab my Cuba Libre and, lose the pants (Thx Cribby), and get to it!
I was about to go to sleep but I will gladly stay up another 32 minutes 42 seconds to hear DMoney rip Notre ***** Dame a new one!
Football aside for a second, the Lizzy Seeburg story slipped my mind up til now. A story doesn't get anymore ****ed up than that.

But guys Willis McGahee got a free suit for the Heisman ceremony in 2002.
Peter, we know you really want to play The Poison Clan's "The B---h That I Hate" for Finebaum's comment.

Still a good intro, good podcast.
Thanks [MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] for schooling folks on what the t-shirts and phrases really mean and the national fear/hate at the Fiesta Bowl.

Miami didn’t need any one team to be linked to greatness; Miami created history with every major program. Miami made games big; not the “rivals”.

This program ain’t for the pinky-raised, latte swilling, “Art House/Indy” film crowd. Soldiers and Savages.

“The bottom”? LOL. I see you.
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[MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] just gets me going mane...great podcast
Perfect way to start the day-- Java, Peter and D$ thanks guys for all that you do for us Canes fans. GO CANES!
[MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] brought it again, I was flippin birds in traffic again
[MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] gets me more fired up than anyone, ever.
That [MENTION=2]DMoney[/MENTION] opening monologue got me riled up.
Great show!! Pete And DMoney swinging the sickle in the clover field!!!
Prayers answered. Thanks DMoney and Pete.

Leeeeeeeettttssssssss GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Podcast exposes the Fake News of Paul Finebaum and national media.I could not stop laughing when you compared Finebaum looks to a sperm cell that never matured to a human.Great image!Well done Peter and DMoney keep up the good work.
Miami has more talent across the board. This is on the players to execute the game plan on both sides of the ball. I hope our kids are focused on the game instead of all the hype from the media and game day being in town.