Podcast: Gregory Rousseau (Paradise Camp Week)

Podcast: Gregory Rousseau (Paradise Camp Week)

Peter Ariz

In this edition of the CanesInsight podcast presented by CanesWear, we continue on the Paradise Camp theme as UM commit Gregory Rousseau joins the show.

We discussed a number of topics including his transition to a full-time pass rusher, his weight gain, and paradise camp expectations.


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Love his energy for this class. Really excited to be a Cane and cant wait to see his highlights from Paradise. Good weight gain too.
I really like Rousseau. Pete, awesome that Calais Campbell will be at Paradise Camp. The Calais Campbell comparisons are spot on for Rousseau IMHO. Calais came in at 225-230 and Rousseau is already up to 220-225. If he keeps developing, he's going to be special.

Here's another guy talking up Dontae. That kid must be a monster. Lock him up Coach Searels!!
hoping we hold onto this monster. rare blend of size, athleticism, & savagery. i remember watching his highlights and being pleasantly surprised at how aggressive he was on D, especially for how relatively thin he still was at the time.
Thanks Pete. Keep up the great work. These other sites cant hang.
Vince Wilfork and Calais Campbell at paradise camp? Yeesh....
If we get ed reed to come.... man just go home folks
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He's going to continue Kool's tradition of having his DEs bat down a lot of balls. But in Rousseau's case I think he'll also pluck a few in the air for a pick 6.
Good news is if we ever run short of receivers we won't have to use a punter...
This weekend is a valuable setting for a guy like Rousseau. Getting that extra work with Kool is big
much prefer chatman due to the implications with other Heritage kids

I'll say it again,i love him as a te prospect. Ceiling is unreal .

Jesus fck, there's always one dude trying to make every **** player into a TE.

Well he at least has played a lot of wr in hs and is huge. Unlike the other guys who wants to move people's position. He actually has way more film catching passes than playing defense. He's a total project.

Not too crazy.