Peter Ariz on Fox Sports Florida Canes Preview

Peter Ariz on Fox Sports Florida Canes Preview

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

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I'll be disappointed in you if you didn't nail them both backstage.
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Pete, that was really good stuff.

Side view of the brunette to the right was better.
I wish we had a little tighter shot of Pete sporting those tight David Lee Roth pants. Is Pete packing?
Good job Pete. A TV wardrobe, suit, upgrade would be appropriate. Chick in that skirt *** was banging! They kinda blew our boy off at the end.

Pete keep up the work!

The chicka in the skirt counter balance on the backend of her is Special & Elite......
Crazy that Pete owns CIS after his Barbarians at the Gate-style hostile takeover of DMoney
Word of advice...

Dont ever appear on TV again not wearing a suit and tie...can never go wrong with that...
Suits and ties are everything. Forget substance. Just look neat for the grandpas.
Hmmmm, 9-3 prediction with an FSU win means we lose to ND plus 2 conference games other than FSU, and still win the Coastal. Or we lose to Appy State.

Not sure I buy the specifics of that prognostication.