Patten Has Three Sticking Out

Patten Has Three Sticking Out

Tito Benach
2014 Booker T Washington (FL) Corner Nigel Patten was apart of a Booker T track team that made it all the way to the State Championship.

“The track season went well, I came in second as the State Runner up. I was in the 200 meter 4x1 and my time was 21.13 and I also made All-Dade.

Patten feels that his participation in Track gives him a competitive edge on the field and helps with technique.

“Track helps me a lot, obviously with my speed and my hips. It gets my hips more flexible and helps me open an turn on the field when I cover a receiver.”

the Booker T corner has had his name all over the radar of many colleges and is having a good time so far.

“The recruiting process has been going good lately, I’ve been picking up offers from a lot of schools lately. I have a total of twelve offers right now and I am expecting more when colleges come see me in the spring.”

Some schools that have recently offered the track and football athlete are UCF, USF, FIU and Utah State.

While the 5’9 173 pound corner has no leaders, he does have a few schools sticking out.

“I don’t really have any leaders, but the schools that are sticking out for me are Miami, Tennessee and Kentucky.”

Miami is one school that Patten has liked for a while and talked about why he likes them.

“I speak with the whole coaching staff everyday, they make me feel like I’m at home. They ask me how my grades are and how I’m doing in school and they care about me.”

Two current Hurricanes have been doing a little work for the ‘Canes by speaking about how good the program is.

“Tracy Howard, when I went down there in the spring he told me it would be a great fit for me. Also Artie Burns told me we need to keep this hometown thing going and get a crystal ball back to Miami.”

Patten is planning a decision by the end of the summer and his coach is telling him where he feels the best choice for him is.

“Me and my coach we are going to talk it out before the decision. He keeps telling me Miami is a great spot for me, so we will see.”

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If Tennessee and Kentucky are our main comp. although they are in the $ec, I really don't see us losing this kid, no matter how much butch jones bites off Al's catch phrase. I honestly was a little worried that the traitor would pry him to f$u but thankfully that's not the case, also good to know that he should have a relatively early decision and isn't gonna be a drama queen about it. This kids got his head on straight...WANT
thats positive... need some momentum after this sony announcement
Shout out to Artie for wanting to put on for his city IN his city.
Kentucky? I seriously doubt that.

Not even direct quotes from the recruits sastify people anymore. What does he gain for saying he likes Kentucky? Absolutely nothing. Not all recruits are Keef