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***Official NSD Live Updates***

***Official NSD Live Updates***


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Like some of the guys we got but so far not impressive. Losing out on Calloway and Gibson isn't the best way to start your day
Other thread deleted by accident. Hope it's not an omen...
Are we on the rescue boats of the titanic? Waiting for a rescue, that's not going to come?
NSD is a failure on monumental proportion. Great job staph!
Did anybody really expect this class to be stellar or for there to be a lot of good news? The news has been consistently negative from a recruiting perspective. We have gradually been losing guys or losing the battle on undecided guys. When you are trying to flip FIU commits, what does that tell you about the state of this disaster? Expect a fairly disappointing day and a below average class.

NSD is a failure on monumental proportion. Great job staph!
This is **** is so depressing, that I'm going to work early!!! Was thinking about calling in and enjoying the day... Damn Homie
Love this class so far anytime you sign so many lineman the class isnt always highly ranked
If we get redwine Norton dex and king it will help a lot the wr group isn't much of a concern to me because we still have Brady and Langham from last year and cager is a great get