NFL Draft Profile: DT RJ McIntosh

NFL Draft Profile: DT RJ McIntosh

Stefan Adams
One of the leaders on Miami’s fast and furious stop unit in 2017 has decided to try his luck at the NFL, making the move to chase his dream by leaving school a year early.

RJ McIntosh has been a force on the Canes defensive line for the better part of 2 seasons now. After playing a bit role at defensive end as a true freshman, McIntosh moved inside to defensive tackle and flourished, becoming a mainstay on the interior and starting every game his sophomore and junior seasons. In 2017, he tied for the team lead in TFL with 12.5 and had a ridiculous 7 pass breakups, batting many passes down at the line. His efforts last season earned McIntosh second-team All-ACC recognition as well as the team defensive MVP award.

Pre-Draft Measurables

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 286 pounds

Arms: 33 7/8”

Hands: 9 3/8”



McIntosh made his bones as a penetrating force on the Hurricanes’ defensive line, making frequent appearances in the opponent’s backfield. He regularly shoots gaps in the O-Line and there were many times last season where he was in the RB’s face to blow up a run before they even had time to blink. His hands and athleticism as a quicker DT allow him to rapidly beat his man into the opponent’s backfield to disrupt plays. His quick get-off and foot-speed were a nightmare for some offensive lines.

Football IQ/Awareness

McIntosh takes to coaching very well and attempts to impact the game in more ways than simply rushing into the backfield. He had seven batted down balls in 2017, showing he can recognize pass and play throwing lanes extremely effectively. McIntosh has played both end and tackle in his career and knows what each spot requires, so coaches won’t need as much effort to get him functional in either role.


Playing Strength

If McIntosh is to become an NFL starter, he will have to get his play strength to a functional level in order to hold up. He is bullied out of his run fit too often and can get knocked off balance. Both his base and core aren’t developed enough for an interior NFL linemen and fail him consistently.

Pass Rush

For someone with McIntosh’s pure speed and athleticism, you would have liked to see more than 5 career sacks in 3 college seasons. If he doesn’t win his rep off the snap and the offensive guard gets his hands on him, he’s too easily snatched up and taken out of his pass rush.

Draft Projection: 3rd-5th round

McIntosh left school early and hoped to raise his stock in the pre-draft workouts to where he’d be considered a solid 2nd round pick, but that didn’t happen. From an anonymous AFC Director of Scouting: “Should have stayed in school. He needs to keep growing into his frame and get a lot stronger. You don't want to come out until you know you're ready to do battle against grown men and I don't think he's there yet." His versatility of being able to play both end and tackle in the NFL gives his value a nice boost and the potential of what he could become will attract many teams. However, he is not enough of a finished product to go in the first two rounds, and could possibly slip to the 3rd day.

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I agree on most of the points. McIntosh was great in Manny's Defense because of all the stunting and slanting, he was able to shoot gaps and get into the backfield. In the NFL he'll be asked to play head up on his man more often and he got bullied in those situations in college. If you're going to be one of those "play the run on the way to the QB" type of linemen, you better be one **** of a pass rusher. 5 sacks in three seasons says Mac isn't quite that good at it. He can have a good career if he gets bigger and stronger but he's not just going to be able to beat everyone with quickness in the pros.
Your suppose to go into the NFL already strong. They are not a Farm system and they do not owe it to him to let him develop on their dime.
Wonder how he feels reading about his many "weaknesses"? Possibly sliding to third day?
Sam Houston ST DT just drafted
I am shocked...mostpeople on here said he was going 2nd no later than 3rd round. Another Miami underclassman that made a huge mistake
Yeah he has to feel pretty dumb right now. He could have been a show out player on a top team next season.
I am shocked...mostpeople on here said he was going 2nd no later than 3rd round. Another Miami underclassman that made a huge mistake

Oh well, at least they can always fall back on the Omar Kelly rationalization of the first contract
is not as important as the second contract.
As sure as the sun rises in the east, Canes players will keep leaving early when they shouldn't. The only guy who made the right move was Walton, and that was because he wasn't going to get better and Homer was going to take his carries. He's a 4th-6th rounder tomorrow, and would have been a 4th-6th rounder next year. RJ and Norton made terrible mistakes by leaving now. Both of them had a lot of upside in returning.
it should be like basketball so these idiots can not hire an agent and preserve their eligibility. Doesn't Pete's new crew represent both of them? This will not go over well...

There's no saving someone from dumb. It was blatantly obvious that neither RJ or Norton were NFL ready. But the same was true for Brandon Washington, Streeter, Forston et al. I don't know what it is about UM players that makes them particularly susceptible to the pitches of sleazy agents.
When will these kids learn...

Joseph Yearby - Undrafted
Brad Kaaya - 6th round

Norton and Mcintosh - 4th rd or later

You shouldn't leave early unless you're going to be a 1st/2nd round pick
This is a big reason why this program can't get over the hump because players that aren't ready for the NFL keep leaving early. I don't buy Walton leaving early either, unless he had his degree already. These dudes play the NFL draft like its the lottery instead of taking advantage of the opportunity they have at securing a future with that degree.