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New 2019 DB on Miami’s radar

New 2019 DB on Miami’s radar

Stefan Adams
QB/DB Deante Nelson was out competing in the Rivals 3 Stripe Miami Camp on Sunday, showing off his speed and ball skills in breaking up a few passes on the day. While he played DB at camp, he also doubles as Pahokee’s QB during the season as the best athlete on the team.

“I threw for 12 touchdowns and ran for 5 more,” Nelson said about his junior season. “On the defensive side, I had 6 picks, 2 forced fumbles, and 25 tackles.”

While success on the field has come easily, recruiting was slow around Nelson for a long time initially. That was, until he picked up his first offer, which just so happened to be from a big-time ACC program.

“Well, Louisville just offered and Miami came to my school recently,” Nelson said.

Since then, Kentucky, USF, and Cincinnati have shown interest in this dual-threat athlete. But, when asked his dream school? Nelson says it’s none other than the defending National Champions.

“Alabama,” he says without hesitation.

While a Crimson Tide offer may have to wait, the Canes have already shown some interest in Nelson. Miami is looking at Nelson as a corner, so naturally, it was none other than Canes cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph that came poking around Pahokee to take a peek at Nelson.

“He was telling me he’d come back for me a little later and check on me, to put a little weight on." (Nelson checked in at camp at 5’10” 166 pounds).

While he waits patiently for that coveted Miami offer, Nelson says his recruitment will come down to where he can feel the most comfortable in a locker room; fitting in with the current team is his main concern as of now.


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Whats the board for 19 DBs look like. Rich talent in SoFl again this year.
Whats the board for 19 DBs look like. Rich talent in SoFl again this year.
Doesn't seem like many of the DBs other than the top four guys or so have offers. We need to stop slow-playing these guys that have other power 5 offers like FSU, Auburn and Clemson.
When was the last time we pulled a Pahokee kid? I know those programs have dropped off, but was it Micanor Regis?
Forgive me, but I stopped reading after learning his "dream school" is Alabaga.
Pass on anyone from Pahokee.

If he's any good, he'll go to the highest bidder like Dent. No easier place to straight up purchase recruits than the Muck
Forgive for for being observant but those highlights are from 4-5 games only. One highlight from Cocoa game and he pointed an arrow at a second string LB missing a diving tackle. Where are the bigger games? He has another year so I hope he keeps developing if our staff does want him. Paradise Camp could be good proving ground!!!!
Kid has been specializing in the longer sprints-- 400m and doing well. Last year finished 4th in the state FHSAA 1A State Championships best time 50.74. He speed will rally start to drop with maturity now.
Miami, fsu, fu, usf and ucf and his dream school is alabaga? Talk about a kid jumping on the band wagon. These kids have no sense of loyalty.

Ehh, not really. This kid is what, 16/17 years old? All his formative years of watching football Alabama has been great and/or the best program in the country

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