Miramar lineman Leeward Brown commits to Miami

Miramar lineman Leeward Brown commits to Miami

Nash Williams
Just a mere two weeks after offering him, the Miami Hurricanes got a commitment from 2015 Miramar offensive lineman, Leeward Brown. (First reported by CanesInsight.com's own Peter Ariz)

Brown visited Coral Gables on Wednesday and made his pledge to the 'Canes official as he informed Al Golden and his staff.

What was it about Miami that made Brown pull the trigger so quickly?

"It's just such a family atmosphere. I'm cool with all the coaches so it feels like Miramar to me just the way they make me feel," said Brown.

It also helps that Brown has been a fan of the hometown Hurricanes since his youth.

"I've known I wanted to be a Hurricane since I was growing up," said Brown. "I've always been a 'U' fan. The 'U' has always been in my heart because that's the home team you know," said.

One of the biggest factors in Brown's recruitment was always making sure he felt like he was part of a family at whichever school he chose.

Even though he was being recruited by the likes of many other schools, Brown noticed a couple other things that Miami offered that the other school's didn't.

"It was just the fact that I can have confidence to go in and play early," said Brown. "It's nice to know I don't have to wait a while and that they'll develop me because (offensive line coach) Art Kehoe has developed a lot of offensive linemen and put them in the league. So when it's all said and done, I'm trying to be one of the best linemen to come out of Miramar and the University of Miami."

But when Brown would visit Miami -- which was quite often -- a lot stuck out to him more than just compassion from the coaches.

"It was just everything about them. Obviously the campus is lovely and everybody treats you the same down there whether you have an offer or not. Everything is lovely and I just think it's a great environment to be around, a real positive environment," said Brown.

So what can Hurricanes fans expect to see out of Leeward Brown when he daunts the orange and green?

"Well I can't say swag because they already got that," said Brown. "I'm going to bring my positive energy to the grind. I'm going to have the same goal as them, which is to win it all, all I can say is, let's go get this money!"

"It's great to say that I'm a 'Cane. Now all I can say is let's take it all the way," said Brown. "We need to be competing for a National Championship every year."

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The name Leeward Brown just fits for an OG. Sounds like a guy who's gonna play 10+ years in the league. Maul some fools. I'm glad were focusing on the lines early. With all the skill position talent in S Fla this year we should have no problem loading up there.
Love the size of this guy. Where is his film at I can't wait to see what he can do on film. It's likely a tape of this man driving DL 5-10 yards off the ball.
Big bad Leeward Brown...Baddest man in the whole **** town!
Says he was a Hurricane fan growing up.

Actually commits.

We're recruiting an offensive guard who say's that our campus is LOVELY???? Hmm
He needs to work on firing off the ball, but he moves well for a big dude.
He needs to work on firing off the ball, but he moves well for a big dude.

ya needs to work on actually firing out and staying low....i hink he will get that down as he gets in better shape actually..because he moves pretty well...hes an in the box guard..that we want to just bully guys.