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Miami loses LB Gordinier for year

Miami loses LB Gordinier for year

Peter Ariz
The Hurricanes linebackers group took yet another blow as redshirt freshman Jamie Gordinier will miss the season with a knee injury. A source told CanesInSight that it is an ACL tear.

Gordinier suffered the injury on the opening kickoff of the game and his knee buckled when he was double teamed by two FAMU players, according to a source.

The Canes started three freshmen at linebacker yesterday, but Gordinier was expected to be a heavily used player and he came in the game during the team's second defensive stand.

Charles Perry and Mike Smith are two candidates to see more snaps in Gordinier's absence. The coaches also hope that Darrion Owens can continue to progress and become healthy enough for full contact by the middle of the season.

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Pete, what are Grace's chances for his appeal? Can Carter play LB? Is it too late to pick up anyone else?
Jeebus, we're an injury or two from major pain defensively and on special teams. It's getting downright scary at the position. This all but assures us of taking at least three linebackers in this class.
Terrible fucking news! We need to stay healthy and boom first game and we are down a guy.

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Sheesh, we can afford NO more attrition at LB. It'll be walk ons/Terry McCray time before too long, at this rate.
Damn people ripping him for how he played should feel bad, dude was out there with a torn acl
Not a big loss. I hope the kid gets well soon.

Better Talent will have to step up and play.
And...we are now on FSU's level of LB depth...didn't see this coming