Miami investigating two players for possible violations

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Right when you think you're in...they pull you back out again

Freakin cursed fam

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My god Muhammad could you be more dense.
'Bama dudes Rollin in freakin lambo's and cuz my G Muhammad pushin a charger we gotta go Matlock?

**** is so rigged bruh

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Welp ... That would explain the Juwon rumors thread. :Angry:
Man, why do college players gotta be so dumb? AQM is one season from millions.
We CANT lose Muhammad please no... I hope he is cleared soon.. Juwon young as well I'm high on him as a player
our ace contributor Peter Ariz and I have confirmed today.

Pete moving up
dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb
So wait; a car agency can get them kicked off the team and create "serious" NCAA questions, but a rapist, drug possessor, and holding a stolen illegal fire arm doesn't???! Yeah, this sounds about right.
If you wanna bash the kids, then call them out for legitimate mistakes like believing in Al Golden like we all did and coming to Miami when if they went to the other programs that recruited them, this would get swifted on the rug

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Death Penalty.

Put us out of our misery.

What dumbasses.
No need to compare to any other team or rules broken. If they broke a rule, its their own **** fault. These kids never learn. A luxury vehicle isnt a meal or something trivial they can whine about that they dont have enough of.

These kids get everything paid for on scholarship. Its never enough though.