Miami a real possibility for transfer OT Brown

Miami a real possibility for transfer OT Brown

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
LSU offensive tackle transfer George Brown, Jr. is a real possibility to land in Miami as a Hurricane.

Brown, Jr. told that Miami has reached out to him and that he has been in contact with Canes offensive line coach Stacy Searels. He also added that he will have his decision made by Friday.

The redshirt freshman originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, decided earlier this week to transfer from LSU. His father told Ross Dellenger of The Advocate that Miami, Michigan State, Penn State, and UCLA that would be the schools that he chooses from.

Brown's older brother Aaron played for Coach Searels at Virginia Tech, and that familiarity could come into play for the Hurricanes. A source close to Brown told CanesInSight last night that Miami was the frontrunner for his services.

Brown, Jr. graduated high school in 2015 and would be forced to sit out a year per NCAA rules.

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What's his motivation for transferring? I'd obviously take the kid in a second but haven't seen why he's wanting to leave beautiful Baton Rouge.
It seems stupid that you need to sit out even if you got a RS the previous year. You should only need to sit if you actually played.
Also a little surprised LSU would let him transfer here since we play them. Lot of teams from the SEC/around the country wouldn't let a player transfer to a team on their schedule.
Does he have to pay his own way the first year?
Would help to have a talented player in the practice field this year. Were so thin at o line man smh. Hope he comes and gives us hope for depth next year.
I think the kid was getting buried in the depth chart as there isnt much news on him good or bad.
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You have to sit out regardless of whether you redshirted or not.
No, he doesn't have to pay his own way.
[MENTION=4648]Pete[/MENTION] any evaluation of the kid?

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* I posted this in the other thread about this young man.

This was LSU's Spring from 2016, George Brown Jr is No. 70 playing right tackle in purple for the 2nd team offense after the 28 minute mark.

He definitely will benefit from the additional transfer Redshirt year he appears to have the physical tools to be a solid RT at times but at other times he gets badly in blitz pick up or inside slants. I'll just say after watching the video I would say he would provide better depth long term than we currently have. Since this is a public forum I will leave it at that and lets see if he picks UM because adding a bird in the hand now, should not affect Miami's 2017 class.

Eh, my expectations are in check. Last time you said we were about to land the DB transfer from Alabama, you got my hopes up Pete. Not this time
Pete, any word on what Brown's thoughts are on [MENTION=14563]CanesWear[/MENTION]?
Lets be honest. This kid would be a possible starter on our OL and vast improvement over 95% of our 2nd team OLinemen. He would also be a great addition to our line come 2017 season after only signing Johnson in the 2016 class. The OL won't be a strength till the 2018 season after the 2017 class gains experience to join our seniors and juniors.
[MENTION=1740]brock[/MENTION] credit for the scoop