Mcdermott Updates the Latest

Mcdermott Updates the Latest

Tito Benach
2014 Palm Beach Central Offensive Tackle KC McDermott had a solid spring with his team as they were able to get better and show case their skills.

“It went great, we worked very hard and gave it are best every day. We showed up for our spring game; we didn’t have the very best day, but we fought threw and won it.”

McDermott was looking to improve his game this spring and feels that he got a lot better on the field.

“I feel like I improved on my conditioning overall, footwork and the use of my hands. My dad just put up a highlight of that spring game on youtube today.”

McDermott is still strongly committed to Miami and spoke a little about the offensive line class Miami is bringing in.

“It’s a great class. I’ve had the pleasure to meet every single one of these O-linemen and I have to tell you these kids are just like my brothers. We already seem to bond together, getting along. I’m good friends with Trevor Darling, I’m real good friends with Nick Linder obviously because of the relationship his older brother and my older brother have, but we definitely have become friends through this process. I’ve gotten to meet everyone else and this definitely looks like it’s going to be a great O-line class and I’m very excited.”

The Palm Beach Central product’s main recruiter is offensive line coach Art Kehoe and speaks with coach Kehoe on a consistent basis.

“I talked to coach Kehoe the other night, he came to my spring game. We talked about the spring game and how he is excited about the way I played. It’s funny because I yelled at him (as a joke) for looking at another player on the other team.”

McDermott has built a great relationship with coach Kehoe and enjoys all the stories he tells.

“Coach Kehoe is one of the best coaches, he is so funny. He’s got story after story and he is so funny. He is funny, laid back and serious at the same time; he is funny as he is being serious which reminds me of my father, which is a great thing.”

The 6’6 285 pound tackle has no plans to visit any schools during the summer or attend any camps.

One goal the Miami commit is focused on at the moment is recruiting other top prospects to join him in Coral Gables.

“I talked to Johhnie Dixon last night, he grew up here at Dwyer high school. We were talking about if we were gonna go to the Under Armour Five Star camp. I was talking to him and I was like ‘Dude, when are you gonna come join the family?’. He’s waiting on his time, trying to figure this all out. I talk to him, I talk to Sony even though he committed to Georgia. I talk to a bunch of players and I’m trying to get them to come home.”

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The Duke Johnson of the OL. Love this kid.

He is supposed to EE? Or trying to?
Does anyone have a gif of Denzel saying "My *****" from Training Day?
Love what I'm hearing about the OL commits being in touch with each other.
Love what I'm hearing about the OL commits being in touch with each other.

Indeed. Also love that Kehoe is breaking that recruitment cloud. Yes McDermott and Darling are likely Canes no matter what but Kehoe is constantly mentioned and was strong recruiting last year as well.
Appreciate your hustle, Tito, but you have to tighten up your spelling and word choices if you're going to be a writer. First couple paragraphs were a nightmare. Don't get sloppy and lazy.
Bunch of leaders in this class, not just leading by words but by example
Not sure, but I think Kehoe is funny!
Wouldn't be surprise if the staff told Kaaya and McDermott to start speaking with Dixon, what can sway a receiver more than the guy who will throw him the ball and the one who makes sure he has time to get open?
Man seems like every commit outside of maybe Alin is a die hard true cane. Great to see the staff finding players that are dying to be at the U!
Awesome. The kid totally gets it... Go Canes!
Championship teams are built with the trenches.. Time to Pile on some D-Lineman and few playmakers and Miami will be Rollin!!
dude was doing work in that spring game....


I honestly think this ol class is "special" one more pull will send this to the best ol class in cane history on paper.